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Forums - General Discussion - Do Vaccines increases the rate of Autism?

I truly believe the mercury in vaccines contributed towards Autism! I have read various articles and research online that supports my claims. What do you guys think: Vaccine increases the rate of Autism?

Back in the good old days before Vaccines were created as far as I know there were no one with Autism or any other defect to be blamed on Vaccines because they were not invented. I live in a country that mandates Vaccines and the rates of Autism and other conditions have risen sharply since Vaccines were introduced and later mandated by government onto society. 

Mercury is lethal if consumed in high doses and can lead to birth defects. Autism and various bad conditions are caused by mercury. My view is this you ban Vaccines that have mercury in them and  The governments also mandate fluoride in water and that is used as mind control over people as shown by the Germans in World War 2.

Why are  government poisoning us citizens with Mercury in Vaccines and Flouride in Water as mind control. 

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this issue.

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Did you know there is a statistical correlation between the number of pirates on the planet and global warming? 

There is also a statistical correlation between the number of storks and the worldwide number of babies being born. This can only mean that storks deliver babies to parent's doors and we can increase the birth rate by raising more storks.

Or maybe pirates do not influence globale warming at all and storks don't actually deliver babies. And maybe the rising number of autism diagnoses has nothing to do with vaccines. There are simply more people being diagnosed with autism today as diagnosis methods improve. Correlation does not equal causation! 

And I'm not going to even touch on the "there is crazy stuff in vaccines" part.

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I hope this is a sarcastic post.

Yes it does. And also epileptic diseases. But the risk is at a minimum. My child got his first vaccine shots and 3 days later he had epilepsy. Then I found a forum were 63 cases as mine were. But the government doesnt want to give bad news about vaccines. And of course is it still better to get them than not.

It doesn't cause a disease but it can trigger something that is already there.

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I heard Bush did 9/11

This comes off as a joke post to me, but just in case it's not I'll answer the question.

No, I don't think vaccines have anything to do with vaccine rates rising.

I attribute the rise in autism to the widening of the spectrum of what is considered autistic behavior.

I am sure this is a troll post =P

But anyway.
The type of mercury found in vaccines is thimerosal, not the heavily toxic methylmercury. Additionally, it is not found in any vaccines except for certain influenzas. The amount of mercury (including methyl mercury) you get from consuming fish is significantly higher. In fact, many grass fed farm animals have been found to contain mercury within their flesh, which means basically anyone consuming meat (especially fish) should be autistic.

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This fear of vaccine and autism was caused by Wakefield’s research in 95 published in Lancet, which has since been discredited and proved to be a fraud paid by groups opposing vaccine production.

But even in 2019, it seems it’s still holding on...

Anti flu vaccins have a very small chance to trigger the flu anyway

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