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Forums - Sales Discussion - Playstation 4 is the 2nd best selling home console ever in the "Rest of the World"

Maybe it´s known by some, but its impresive how Playstation brand sells in the rest of the world. I didn´t realize that PS4 is already the sencond best selling console after the untouchable PS2. 

Numbers acording to VGCHARTZ are:

PS2: 25.57 M

PS4: 16.21 M

PS3: 12.46 M

Wii: 9.48 M

XBOX 360: 9.16

PS1: 9.04

XBOX ONE: 4.69

I don´t know if there is a piracy helped the PS2  with the numbers,  as in many south american countries like mine piracy was very extended. But, awesome numbers for PS2.

Also most 3rd world countries are poorer, but Wii sold less than PS3... weird. 

XBOX was the most surprising of all for me. In my country some digital Microsoft games are selling half the price than in PSN. Still XBOX ONE sold 1 machine for every 4  Playstation 4.

Maketing can explain some of that too. 

When I go to a shopping mall, places sell more PS games than Microsoft or Nintendo, they say they are close to the digital price, and XBOX digital is cheaper so it doesn´t make sense to sell them. They don´t have as many. 

Japan is buying Nintendo Machines like hell, and they love to play mobile, but the Rest of the world has the greatest number of countries of every market and PS sales amaze me.

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It took me a minute to remember that rest of world is not Europe.

I can imagine piracy being a significant factor in some regions. I remembers stores selling bootleg PS2 games in Hong Kong.
My friend was recently there and said that PS4 games basically cost half of what they cost in the west, so maybe that's an incentive to push hardware.

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I'm honestly more focused on the huge gap between the ps2 and everything else

To be fair, PS2 systems were sold in 3rd world nations at about $50 each which was cheaper at the time than a DVD player in most of those countries.

Stop hating and start playing.

BuckStud said:

To be fair, PS2 systems were sold in 3rd world nations at about $50 each which was cheaper at the time than a DVD player in most of those countries.

Here in Argentina PS2 systems sold cheaper than first DVD players too. 

But PS3 systems sold also cheaper than first blue ray players.

so, It might have impacted, but it wasn´t the only factor. I think piracy here contributed a lot. I never had one , so I can´t speak for myself, but I know the systems were chipped in order to run piracy games.  

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Top 3 playstation domination. I wonder can the ps4 catch the ps2. Imo that depends on price cuts. Do it Sony!

Not a huge surprise. Sony puts a lot of effort in large secondary markets like China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Australia, Brazil and the Middle East region.

wow, such a large gap between PS and the rest of the consoles on the list. Rest of the world ate the PS4 up.

Yeah, RoW is Playstation domain. and I'd say PS2 numbers sure did get that high in part due to piracy, and PS4's might get quite high as well due to it being hacked for quite some time now.

That's great that Playstation was able to satisfy other parts of the world that may not have otherwise been tapped into by the gaming industry

Playstation 4 will probably end up crack 20 million in the end. Pretty great!