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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Competition Gen 7 Edition Champion

We Started out with 827 Pokemon and we now Crown VGC's Favourite Pokemon out of all the Pokemon available from gen 1 - 7 and we reached to our top 8 Finalist. Now we reveal who has come out on top.

8th Place: Pidgeot 31 Points

7th Place: Blastoise 33 Points

6th Place: Bulbasaur 36 Points

5th Place: Rayquaza 38 Points

4th Place: Mewtwo 42 Points

2nd Place Tie: Pikachu and Squirtle 46 Points

And VGC's Favourite Pokemon for Gen 1- 7 with a massive 52 points is!

1st place: Charizard

Thank you to everyone who participated and those who lurked and I hope you enjoyed the entire competition as much as I did. I'll See you again for the gen 8 Edition when generation 9 of Pokemon is announced :)

Last edited by uran10 - on 08 February 2019

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Aside from Rayquaza the top were all from Gen 1. I guess majority prefer the originals.

Feraligatr > Charizard

Change my mind.

Anyway gg. Been a long journey. Thanks for your efforts Uran and hopefully there will be a next one.

Awesome, Charizard is my all time fav...

OTBWY because Charizard is an OG and I will him to be better. Thats why! =P

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Congrats to Charizard!

I'm disappointed that Pikachu didn't win, but at least it came a respectable 2nd

And thanks for organising the whole thing uran, it must have been a lot of work! It was good fun though, so thanks

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HA HAAA ! Yeah ! Charizard finally get it's due :3

Anywoo, wanna thank Uran for the dedication he gave to this competition once again, THANK YOU !

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