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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bob Iger is Happy With EA's Star Wars Games

We were hoping Bob Iger would call EA out for their business practices with the Star Wars brand, but he didn't.

He instead said he was "happy" with EA's work with Star Wars games, despite fan backlash.

Iger said that Disney has never been good at making video games, but great at licensing games, and said that Disney has a good relationship some of those they're licensing to. He added that Disney is probably going to continue these sorts of deals.

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Honestly the last good star wars game was jedi power battles
Why are you suprised

Star wars fans dont know what they want so their outrage about ea doesnt even make sense

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Well... To be fair. He isn't handling the movie side of Star Wars well either. So at least he is consistent.


The name of the article is literally "Disney Says It’s Never Been Good at Video Games", why would it matter if Iger has or hasn't played a single video game in his life? I mean they're kind of admitting their bad at the games business xD

I do think it sucks overall. But I also don't think I expected Disney to side with consumers necessarily. More so I expected them to side with the image of their brand, which is why I'm a little surprised they are "happy" with the way EA has handled their franchise.

He is just ignorant, he probably doesn't know or care about the EA-deal, that's probably completely under the control of Lucasfilm. I don't think Disney actually has that much oversight over Marvel or Lucasfilm

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I think the man doesn't care that much for what happens with the gaming side of things. As long as EA doesn't pull stunts that would contradict what Lucasfilm is doing, it's probably fine in their book (note they were unhappy with the lootbox fiasco, so it's not all peachy). You can't really argue that Iger is an idiot. I don't think an idiot would manage the biggest entertainment juggernaut in history as well as he has.

Holy cats, talk about a ridiculous overreaction. The hell you think he's going to tell investors? We'll know if they're unsatisfied when they decline further licensing agreements.

I do think that between the games and the movies, Star Wars as a brand is suffering long term damage. I don't think it can take another decade of mismanagement this bad. It'll decline as a cultural icon like Sonic has. It may never completely die, just as Sonic is still around, but damn, Sonic is in a sad state. I'd hate to see that be the situation for Star Wars in the 2020s.

I've no idea who this guy is, but you lost me at "CEO of Disney".

CEOs suck.
Disney sucks.

It's quite obvious.

kirby007 said:

Honestly the last good star wars game was jedi power battles
Why are you suprised

Star wars fans dont know what they want so their outrage about ea doesnt even make sense

True. This is the same fanbase that ruined Jake Lloyd's life, relentlessly harassed Kelly Marie Tran over her character in The Last Jedi, and almost drove Ahmed Best (voice of Jar Jar Binks) to kill himself.

Animals. -_-