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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Update: 25m Players Now: Apex Legends Has 10 Million Player and 1 Million Concurrent Players

"In 72 hours, over 10 million players have jumped into Apex Legends and we’ve breached 1 million concurrent players!"

Really happy for Respawn. I still need to play more but I found it to be okay.

Update: 25m players and 2m concurrent

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Seems to be a good game. PUBG was buggy for the longest time, and might still be. Fortnite launched with a Metacritic score of 76 or something.

Been playing a bit myself. Won a couple of matches. It's quite good.... Just very loot dependant.

For reference, Fortnite battle royale hit the same milestone after 2 weeks.

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I still don't quite understand the Battle Royal craze. Clearly it's still going strong though. Good for Respawn.

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ironmanDX said:
Been playing a bit myself. Won a couple of matches. It's quite good.... Just very loot dependant.

Best BR in the biz. Good on you for some wins. Only got to 2nd once. Finding winning to be quite difficult, but more manageable than other BR games.

Beast mode. My favourite BR so far. I've won 4 matches so far. Getting lots of kills. I hope the updates come thick and fast like fortnite so they keep us engaged.


And the battle pass doesn't take too long. I might actually buy it. 

Good map, nice depth in skills, good pace
Boring legends, only 3vs all

This would explain the server issue

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Loving it. Already dropped $60 on it to show Respawn support.

Considering it’s free and another BR game, not impressed tbh. All depends on how relevant the game will still be months down the line. Maybe Fortnite has a threat