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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights & more Heading for PS4+XB1+Switch


How many times have you bought BG2?

never! havnt played it 2 33.33%
1 2 33.33%
2 1 16.67%
3 0 0%
too many times :) 1 16.67%

So I know these games are all abit long in the tooth..... but to this day their still amoung the very best western cRPGs around.


“These games are iconic, including Baldur’s Gate, which has really set the standard for Dungeons & Dragons computer roleplaying games,” said Skybound Games CEO Ian Howe. “We’re excited to bring Beamdog’s incredible slate to new platforms for both the dedicated fan and those who will soon discover these adventures for the first time. As longtime fans of Baldur’s Gate and Dungeons & Dragons it’s fantastic to partner with Beamdog as the newest member of the Skybound family.”



Totally random announcement, and even thought I have them on PC,.... I might double dip again and give it another go.
How bout you guys? If you've never played any of these games I can highly recammend giveing them all a try.

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And Switch, at least according to the article on

super_etecoon said:
And Switch, at least according to the article on

Thanks I only saw XB1 & PS4, but i ll take your word for it, and edit thread.

Nice collection. They should bundle them.

Neverwinter Nights was my favorite out of this bunch... Lost count on how many times I completed it on PC, played around with extra modules and so on.

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With a controller, don't be silly. And NWN 2 would of been better, sweet ass game.

Never played them, so good chance that i will buy them on Switch

Looks good. I've only played about half of those and I remember them fondly. Time to check out the other half.