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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do You Think Sony & MS Will Announce New Consoles This Year?


Do You Think Sony & MS Will Announce New Consoles This Year?

Yes, they both will 491 30.09%
Only Sony will 181 11.09%
Only Microsoft will 268 16.42%
Neither will 692 42.40%

This week's front-page poll.

I don't think they will, but I'm interested to see what percentage of the community thinks one or other of them will go for an early announcement.

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Maybe Microsoft, but Sony won't. It ain't time yet to crash PS4's party.

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Don't think Sony will. Very much doubt they'd release a new console this year and why announce it and ruin your current console's holiday sales if it's not releasing until next year?

No idea what Microsoft will do though.

I don't think either of them will fully announce a new console yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's like a couple references/hints at them during conferences like E3 or something.

I still think Sony will announce the Playstation 5 later this year, maybe at PSX, for a 2020 release.

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Microsoft yes, because they are going the switch route, while Sony waits for Microsoft to move pieces first.

Next Xbox will be announced this year to launch worldwide spring 2020 having a launch month of sales and holiday season to compete with ps5 when Sony launches it on November 2020 with better prices than its competitor.

Probably one of them will, but I hope they don't. The PS4 is still hot and the XBOne X is still recent. They should not shorten their current hardware's lifespan just yet.

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definitely not for PS. PS5 will be holiday 2020 and so they will announce Feb-June 2020.

MS might try to get ahead with a spring 2020 release, as it's the only way that be ahead in sales for a while, which they will shout from the rooftops. I expect evert studio is now working on Nextbox games if they don't have something announced already. It could be possible that Halo Infinite would be ready for launch, and Forza 8 as there is not Forza this year. So I think MS could announce at the Xbox event in Autumn,

but my bet would be that we hear nothing from both

Sony won't but I can see Microsoft announcing a new console during the Game Awards 2019.

I think they both will release late this year. And if not 2019, then early 2020. They are both getting ready to release.