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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - NPD: 50% of Switch Owners Have a PS4. 40% Have a Xbox One.


Console Combo?

Switch+PS4 19 36.54%
Switch+XBO 4 7.69%
Switch+PS4+XBO 9 17.31%
Only Switch 11 21.15%
Only PS4 8 15.38%
Only XBO 1 1.92%

This is for the US only. I have an XBO+Switch combo when it comes to consoles.

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Xbox does not make sense in my opinion, but whatever you like I suppose.

I have a PS4/Switch combo. To be honest though, my time with the PS4 is becoming less . Certainly Switch is my main, so much more snappy and convenient for me. I game 7 days a week, 2 being on PS4 and the other 5 on Switch.

Switch plus Xbox One. I actually sold my Xbox One to get the Switch, but then got a free Xbox One S when I upgraded my phone in the summer. I don't really use the X1 for gaming - Switch is my main system. I'm hanging onto the X1 though, because it'll be a good backwards compatible system for my 360 and original Xbox games.

I'd be curious to see the stats the other way - how many PS4 owners own one or both of the other consoles, etc.

I have a Switch, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X.

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What percentage have all 3?

Also, I wonder what percentage have Switch + gaming PC.

That is a strange number I didn't think there were than many Xbox ones out there.

I have PS4 pro, xbox one x, and switch, but I barely use switch, just play Pokemon and Zelda on it, most of time were spent on PS4 and oneX is only for RDR2

If I didn't have a pc that could easily handle this gen, I'd get an Xbox. Next gen, if I do anything other than upgrading my pc and having Nintendo, it would be xbox. The only thing I really miss between the other companies is god of War, Halo, and the possibility of Banjo Kazooie 3 lol. Sure, I'd like to play some games like Spiderman or Zero Dawn, but they aren't deal breakers to me. And I have zero interest in zombies/shooters or gorefest games like Gears of War. I'm patiently waiting to see what the power of the next gen is compared to my GTX 980 ti.

I have PS4 + Switch, however I haven't touched the Switch since finishing Mario Odyssey. Handheld gaming is not for me, the cartridges are way too fiddly for my liking and since my kids use the Switch I can never find the damn thing anyway. I would buy a standalone tv only unit that uses discs. I'm old, can't read the print on those tiny cartridges.