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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Piranha Plant is now playable in SSBU

In the heat of everyone still enjoying Kingom Hearts 3, Nintendo has silently released an update for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The game adds some changes to the spirit board, and more importantly, adds Piranha Plant to the roster as the 75th playable character. Admittedly I am a bit surprised since they seemed to be teasing his addition for sometime in February.

If you havent already, you can still register your game with Nintendo to receive Piranha Plant until January 31. Then all you need to do is update the game to version 2.0.0 and you will unlock Piranha Plant on startup.

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Worst night to do this. Still gonna play as the plant

That was so random, I was expecting them to make more of a fuss over the character's release.

Playing as her now, damn, this is perfection.

Awesome! Hope I registered correctly.

Along with Piranha Plant we also get a bunch of nerfs and buffs.

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Does anyone know if Plant is confirmed to be a girl? (the Palutena Guidance where Palutena says "she" is referring to Viridi).

Anyways, Plant's pretty fun, now give me my Shujin Academy delinquent!

It wont download for me. It's just eternally stuck on paused

Edit: Never mind it's fine now.

He's a very interesting addition to Smash. I like it how Sakurai picked a very none traditional fighter.


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Cerebralbore101 said:
Along with Piranha Plant we also get a bunch of nerfs and buffs.

Mostly buffs, but honestly most of them were rather irrelevant. i don't see the meta changing much if at all, only significant change I think was Rosalina & Luma, she seems to have been buffed quite a bit. Everyone else, nah.

just fyi