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Forums - Gaming Discussion - KH 3 looks better than any Square Enix game so far, their best game since the merger?


Is it the best looking square game to date?

Yes 5 55.56%
On par with XV 1 11.11%
On par with Tr 0 0%
No 3 33.33%

Okay so, reviews are in, metacritic has this gaming epic 13/14 years in the making at 88/89 right now. This gen getting anything above an 85 guarantees you AAA status imo. But that’s not the point. I legit was researching about what resolution this game was running and what frame rate. Because the visuals really do approach Pixar level graphics, going from KH 2.8 and playing in Aqua’s world, which was made to demo the visuals one could expect from KH 3, to KH 3 is almost like going from ps3 to ps4 in terms of visuals. 


Now im playing on a PlayStation 4 pro, and as far as I could tell the aqua demo was barely above 30fps with many studders. And more than likely was not optimized for the pro, which I haven’t researched as of this last edit of this post. But KH 3 comparatively runs flawlessly so far, and looks WAAAAY better in terms

of detail and color and frame rate is super smooth. My question was what resolution the game was running and what Framerate? 


According to a random website I found, on PS4 pro. 


The game runs 1440 p uncapped 40-50 FPS 



1080 p capped 60 FPS 




NATIVE 2160 P capped 30fps. 



This game is running at 4K natively on the pro? Why is this not news? 


Below is my source: 


of course we should wait for digital foundry. But if anyone else has any info please post! And lmk what your thoughts are on the game so far! 


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Seems like that info was terribly wrong.

Xbox One X 1440p
PS4 Pro 1296p
PS4 900p
Xbox One 720p

Framerate is all over the place.
Best ways to play: PS4 Pro forced 1080p mode or Xbox One X (with freesync capable TV)

Yeah, while the games visuals are beautiful, performance really needs a lot of work. The resolutions on both enhanced machines is ridiculously low... and the framerate in all platforms is terrible (except for PS4 Pro at 1080p with no supersampling). Even when you cut the framerate to 30, it has some of the worst frame pacing issues I've seen this generation.

Square Enix should think less about leaks and hidding the secret ending behind an update and more about polishing the damn game.