Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo's share price takes a -4% hit after MP4's announcement.

It's funny how reactionary some stock investors are to the news that shouldn't even have an effect on the stock price. It's not like Metroid is a huge franchise. Anyway, the price will probably go back up.

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Somehow I think Nintendo will survive to see another day.

Mario on the other hand...

Drop makes no send MP never been a huge seller, 4% is high for that bad news lol.



Jumpin said:

Is this really based on Metroid? There's other news that's more relevant to stock value going around right now. For example: there was also talk about Nintendo maintaining the 20M shipment numbers, a portion of the shareholders may have had higher expectations.

Metroid is a low tier seller for Nintendo, they usually are insignificant in stock market valuation.

Otherwise, I would suggest it is based on a calculation based on ignorance of impact of Metroid - which is trivial in the grand scheme. Metroid is a popular franchise among a certain niche (personally, I really like the early games, but am not able to get into the later ones), and some might be reading the game as a ~12 million title instead of a 2-2.5M title. I suppose if they did something like a Breath of the Wild style game - but it's going to probably be cloning 20 year old designs, rather blowing the box open like Breath of the Wild did.

Basically, investors can be idiots sometimes.  They heard bad news and hit the "sell" button.  Sounds like a good time to buy and make money off of the poorly informed.

They should fill the void this year by releasing an HD remaster of the Prime Trilogy. It's only been 17(!) years since the first one dropped and 12 since the last one... best way to drum up hype for a new installment is to allow people to rediscover the games or play them for the first time. I mean we know those GameCube ports are coming eventually (Sunshine HD please!), so might as well throw in 3 of the best games from the GC / Wii era.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

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What an overreaction if it's in response to Metroid. The series is a blip on Nintendo's bottom line.

Not really a surprise at all. Seems this 19 isn´t going to be a nice one for Ninty.

Raven said:
What an overreaction if it's in response to Metroid. The series is a blip on Nintendo's bottom line.

Maybe this is more related to the good people reaction to tittles like RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE and Kingdom Hearts 3? A mix of both situations? Probably.

Zooming in far enough on any graph can make it look scary lol

This is of zero consequence.

I mean...the stock went up when Bowsette started trending months ago..