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Forums - Sony Discussion - Push Square's Hands On - "Dreams Is Arguably PS4's Most Impressive Exclusive Yet!"

From Push Square:

Sounding pretty awesome!  Can't wait to try it out.  Should help push more PSVR sales as well.  Hope they announce a release date soon.

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Impressive for sure. Let's wait to see if it's the best.

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It will also be its biggest flop, arguably of course!

This is a game I don't mind waiting a bit to pick up. It'll be interesting to see what the community can create.

PotentHerbs said:
This is a game I don't mind waiting a bit to pick up. It'll be interesting to see what the community can create.

Yeah, seems like it would be best to sit on this game for months and wait for people to put their creative minds to work on creating content before giving it a whirl. After a few months people are going to create some crazy stuff

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Big calls being made, especially after Sonys stellar exclusive line up this gen.

I've encountered this tweet, which seems promising. Two developers creating an FPS within Dreams.

I honestly don't know how well the game will do or how much substance it will have, but this is special. I'm not gonna say it's gonna be transcendental or any other pretentious way to say this will be the best game ever created since the dawn of mankind, but this is definitely a canvas for creativity whether you're talking about aspiring or seasoned developers, or that person who had no idea he could create something great and casually tried it. 

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Good to hear. Perhaps the most innovative and creative game of all time.

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