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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your thoughts about Life is Strange 2 so far


Do you enjoy Life is Strange 2?

better than I thought 1 33.33%
fulfills my expectations 0 0%
mixed impression 0 0%
boring, disappointing 2 66.67%
bad, regret purchase 0 0%

I have never played the first Life is Strange or Before the Storm, because I wasn't interrested in the scenario. But the first trailer of Life is Strange 2 made me very curious. I always wanted to have a younger brother, so with this game a dream has come true. From the very beginning I tried to do everything to make Daniel as happy as possible and be an good ideal for him.


After completing Episode 2 it turned out that I was not able to put Daniel off from cursing, although I always wanted it. And I got the worst ending of Episode 2 although I always wanted the best for Daniel and Chris. And I (Sean) also got not the trust of Chris. I still don't know why. Many decisions I make turn out to be the worst possible. That really bothers me. Do you also experienced something similar?


Nevertheless I really enjoyed this game so far. In my opinion Episode 2 is not boring, but maybe you have to be able to enjoy calm. It's such a nice experience to have grandparents who care for you. I'm really glad nothing worse happened.

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It's always a fun experience watching Dodger and Jesse play it. I wouldn't play it myself because I'm not a big fan of irreversible decisions in games.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

I understand, but watching and playing are in this case two different experiences. Some decisions are really hard to make. The game surely has a deeper impact on you if you decide by yourself. You can load the game from the last checkpoint if you realize that you took the wrong decision. Sometimes it's very difficult to guess what happens...

The main value of this game for me is that you build your own relationship with your younger brother. That's actually the only thing you can affect, since the main story is fix.