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Did a Hard mission his morning. Pretty awesome enemies and end bosses called Titans. I can tell some of this stuff is going to be pretty incredible.

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Pemalite said:
Not really a good sign for Anthem I guess... I think Bioware needed it to be a knockout success... But I have absolutely no enthusiasm for the title at this stage.

Anyone take any screen grabs with settings dialed up?

Here are some images I captured this morning at 1080p max settings on PC. I forgot to enable DSR for 1440p or 4K but if you'd like higher res let me know and I'll go back and take some.

@Topic I'm not super thrilled with it though there's nothing glaringly wrong with the gameplay. It's competent and I'm sure the loot aspect of it will cater to my need to constantly improve and play meta games. But there's just nothing special about it (not even the visuals) and I don't think I can get invested until 6 months to a year in to see if EA/Bioware is going to pull some nonsense and ruin the balance of the experience (a la Activision/Bungie with Destiny) or if it'll feel fair and fun (a la Monster Hunter).

EDIT: Also the world is pretty void of life and is largely uninteresting but maybe that's just the demo? I'll have to wait for full impressions once the game out but as it is right now, I'm going to pass until a year in and see what the state of the game is. 

Just maxed out level, feels like a mix of Destiny, Division and Warframe like what I've been reading people say, the M+KB on flying and swimming is a turn off, but after using a DS4, everything works fine, really easy to adjust, people keep complaining this is the same old game everyone has been playing, and yet, people are having a hard time to adapt, anyways, this won't be a day one, but will watch reviews if end game is better than Destiny 2, might get it in the future, matchmaking on any level/dungeon is a plus for me, just like most if not all classic MMOs. (Storm is best Javelin, @ me all you want, you're still wrong ).


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While I enjoy the gameplay, the world, and creatures are just so incredible boring.
I dunno, but after like 30 mins of gaming I just put it down and realised I have way better things to do with my gaming time.

Boring and repetitive like all multiplayer games, even more pronounced combined with the most boring and repetitive genre. I'll give the game a month or so when the crowd fall asleep and get fed up with microtransactions and the incompetence of EA/Bioware.

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Well... I was super excited for this game... BioWare is my favorite developer by a long shot... but my experience with the demo has soured me a bit. First of all, it was pretty broken, couldn’t log in the first day at all and after encountering four infinite load screens I ended up quitting. From what I played, the gameplay seems pretty smooth, should be fun with four people you know... but there lies the catch... playing by yourself or with strangers was not very fun... also, it didn’t really feel like a BioWare game to me. I have it preordered and I’m gonna get it... but the demo kinda killed my hype for this game... makes me sad... bring on the next dragon age/mass effect game BioWare!

I didn’t expect much, but I’m still disappointed with the demo.

Heavily downgraded graphics (PC Ultra). Consoles are showing abysmal performance. Even the X1X version runs really bad with drops to low 20ies and looks nothing like the render trailers.

shallow writing, uninteresting characters

male protagonist voice is annoyingly generic

Lifeless feeling hub and world

Really annoying load times

Bad mouse and keyboard support

No map

No DS4 support

Playing alone is possible but bored me after two hours already

Few graphical glitches and pop ups

Surprisingly none of the connection problems that everyone else is having.

All in all pretty meh. I can see it become a good game one day, but it feels like they are still a year off.

Sadly it fully confirms to me that Bioware really died 8 years ago already. Despite the nice art style this game seems to have nothing of what I used to love about their games.

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Didn't like it, will not be buying that's for sure.

I tried it again. Dedicated two hours to it this time and man is it just boring, uninspired, awkward, bullet sponge shite. The open world disjointed, there are loading screens WITHIN missions between objectives (which are boring fetch objectives) there is a short ass tether to your party, the motivation behind anything at all isn't there and the sci-fi/fantasy world just does not work. It feels like they couldn't decide on a proper direction and instead settled into a really uninspired mess. The story hub does not mesh with the game and feels totally unnecessary and tacked on again making things feel disjointed. This game is going to fail hard, there is very little here besides the odd moment when the gunplay turns into something cool when you let everything loose in one go but even that is a failure as you're either going to be tactical or flashy, there seems to be no middle ground. I was hoping this would be something good as it is so dry right now and I even intended to sidestep my boycott for it but I didn't expect it to be THIS bad. I just assumed it would be at the very least a decent to good game if not mind blowing, it'll die faster than the division, I'd reckon.


Just started downloading it. Will give impressions later.