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Forums - Sales Discussion - Which Top-Selling New Release of 2018 Most Exceeded Retail Sales Expectations?


Which Top-Selling New Release of 2018 Most Exceeded Retail Sales Expectations?

Red Dead Redemption II 125 7.60%
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII 28 1.70%
FIFA 19 6 0.36%
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 468 28.47%
Spider-Man 321 19.53%
Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee 75 4.56%
God of War 184 11.19%
Far Cry 5 18 1.09%
Monster Hunter: World 268 16.30%
Super Mario Party 151 9.18%

This week's poll of the week marks our final ever retail SW chart, which also happens to be the last chart for 2018, so we now know the full estimated totals for last year's new releases. 

Here are the top 10:

Red Dead Redemption II - 19.71 Million
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII - 14.30 Million
FIFA 19 - 12.22 Million
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 8.95 Million
Spider-Man - 8.76 Million
Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee - 7.29 Million
God of War - 6.15 Million
Far Cry 5 - 5.81 Million
Monster Hunter: World - 5.60 Million
Super Mario Party - 4.97 Million

Which most exceeded your sales expectations?

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Super Mario Party and Monster Hunter World are selling way more than i thought.

This is kinda a toughy. I'm inclined to say MHW, simply because of the members here who ( god bless them all the same ) thought it would sell much less than it did. I"ll think about this as I'm doing laundry.


- Went with MHW

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Super Mario party, Spiderman, Smash, MHW and RDR 2
All deserving of it btw.

It's a little hard for me to look at this from a retail-only perspective when we know that the PS4 and Xbox One titles sold exceptionally well in digital sales. I also think the fact that Monster Hunter World released so early in the year kind of softened the blow of it selling far above all previous titles.

With that being said I think Monster Hunter World and Super Mario Party are the most surprising. I was one of the people expecting God of War and Smash to do about as well as they ended up doing

Although I will say in retrospect, kind of crazy how close Smash is in one month to Spider-Man and God of War. It's probably nearly tied with GoW including digital, and only a million or two behind Spider-Man including digital.

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Monster Hunter World is a close second, but I would have to go with Spider-Man. That game REALLY took off. I always that it was going to sell great, but not THAT great.

Wow Mario Party sold that much?! That's surprising to me. I expected RDR2, COD, FIFA, and Pokemon to do their numbers. GoW was only surprising because it normally doesn't sale that much. I'm a huge GoW fan and I expected to sell a bit less than it did. Seeing how popular GoW has been and how critically acclaimed it tune changed on the sales front. Very deserving!

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Monster Hunter World sold far more than i expected

It's gotta be Monster Hunter World, easily.

FIFA, COD, Far Cry & Pokemon all sold in line with, or below, previous entries so no expectations exceeded there. Red Dead did great, but there was never any doubt about that. No idea about Mario Party & Smash, don't know anything about sales for those franchises. GOW & Spiderboy both exceeded expectations, but not to the same extent that Monster Hunter did. MH absolutely obliterated expectations!

Monster Hunter for sure.

Spiderman had a huge marketing push (possibly the biggest since Halo 3), and its SPIDERMAN, with a great developer behind it this time around. It wasnt a surprise in the slightest.

2nd most surprising would be GOW. 

How is Smash a surprise? Most framchises were diing record numbers on switch, plus this is smash were talking about. Brawl sold like more than 3 million first month.

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