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Forums - General Discussion - Is it me or do strip clubs just suck?


Do you like strib clubs?

Yes 6 18.75%
No 14 43.75%
Would rather watch internet porn 12 37.50%

So I went out with some friends and a neighbor to a pool hall (billiards)/ bar which was fun till apparently the neighbor said something to get him kicked out thus we all ended up having to leave.  So we made our way to a strip club after that which I haven't been to one in like 15 years.  At first I was having a decent time but then I wanted to help my neighbor out by buying him a lap dance and one for myself.  Gave the bitch 40 dollars for a 20 lap dance for him and one for my ass.  Well turns out she already clocked him down for 2 which was bullshit because other friend got one from a different stripper for way longer for only 20.  Seems like I always get ripped off at these fucking places.  Last time I went I just was dropping a friend off because I had to work but I decided to order some food there.  The water I ordered before the meal turned to be 5 dollar charge on tab but should have been taken off since I ordered food.  They supposedly charge 5 for water to avoid cheap bastards that just sit around drinking water I guess but even after asking her to take off charge due to buying food she came back and was like sorry can't do it.  Complete bullshit and was like okay well there goes any decent tip for you then. 

Perhaps I'm just a cheap bastard and don't like blowing money on what I deem pointless.  I'd rather just jack myself off for free or you know fuck my girl for free.  Anyways, are there any other guys out there that hate strip clubs or am I just a pussy? 

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I've never been to one, because I simply don't see the appeal. They became legal in my city right when I was of age, yet never had any friends who wanted to go, nor did I suggest it. I had a fling with a girl who worked as a dancer at one ( who ended up being my friend's cousin ), and had another friend who ended up marrying a girl who was a stripper. Those were my only connections to strip clubs, and I don't see that connection strengthening moving forward.

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lol in my country they do not serve water at all.. you just drink alcohol or else they'll ask you to leave.

what I most hate about these clubs are bodyguards.. they keep staring as if they want to blow your brains out. you do not feel welcome , and at one point i want to wipe the floor with them, but I cant ...cuz fuckers are bigger and trained :')

best club in the world is your own place. 

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No, they don't suck. If they did they'd probably be better. They'd also arguably be brothels instead then though

The only strip clubs I have been to were hole in the wall places. C-sections scars and bullet hole scars. Didn't really do it for me. I'm thinking if I went to a nice place it'd be fun, but honestly, the idea of paying money to see a girl shed her clothes doesn't intrigue me. So you're not alone.

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Ka-pi96 said:
No, they don't suck. If they did they'd probably be better. They'd also arguably be brothels instead then though

I'm sure if you throw down enough money you can get a blowjob at most strip clubs in the back.

Apparently I should have been thrown out of the bar also. Might have said a bad joke to a Mexican mafia member and pissed him off. Tried to buy him a drink but he was pissed. Later a friend that stayed at bar had beer with him and he later understood I was just a drunk dumbass.  Had a designated driver last night though so that is about the only good thing.

They are pretty pointless, unless you have a lot of money and like to be teased. Going for 18 year old bday parties are fun, but afterwards it is pretty pointless.

Have to admit never been to one

I have never gone to one and don't plan to, but they seem pointless in the modern age of fleshlights and VR porn. It's like a softcore version of what you could do in the privacy of your own home, what is the point?