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Forums - Sales Discussion - PlayStation Was The Top Selling Home Console In The World For The 8th Year In A Row!

Playstation 4 was the top selling home console of 2018 - according to VGchartz estimates - beating its closest competition Nintendo's Switch by over a million units. Microsoft's Xbox One finished in a distant third:

Global Hardware by Platform

PlatformYearly (change)Total
PS4 18,000,767 (-10%) 91,117,828
NS 16,916,375 (+28%) 29,190,942
XOne 6,959,143 (-9%) 41,023,595
3DS 3,563,153 (-49%) 74,120,642
PSV 222,763 (-70%) 16,096,456

That is now the 8th year in a row that Sony has led the home console market.  You'd have to go back all the way to 2010, the last heydays of the WII, since Sony was last behind:

Global Hardware by Platform

PlatformYearly (change)Total
DS 20,620,707 (-25%) 141,480,558
Wii 17,320,956 (-18%) 82,096,418
PS3 13,896,438 (+7%) 46,388,642
X360 13,253,914 (+32%) 49,961,079
PSP 9,243,328 (-6%) 65,532,833

I expect the run might come to an end this year with the Switch heating up (and a new Pokemon game arriving during the holiday season)- but don't be surprised if a permanent price cut to the PS4 keeps things interesting.

If the PS5 does drop in 2020 though- you can expect Sony to quickly reclaim the throne.

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I think Nintendo will be on top for the next two years since the PS5 won't likely release until Q4 2020, by then it'll be too little, too late. 2021 though...

PAOerfulone said:
I think Nintendo will be on top for the next two years since the PS5 won't likely release until Q4 2020, by then it'll be too little, too late. 2021 though...

I think Sony is up to something big this year.  They're not coming to E3 - so I think they're going to hold their own event to announce PS5.  Think they will announce it will launch early next year.  At the same time they'll drop the PS4 price to $249 - then have an extended $199 price promotion throughout the holidays.  If PS5 is backwards compatible to PS4 games- then I think the PS4 has a good chance of beating the Switch again this year.

Was not aware of that streak. Fairly well deserved though, so it's not surprising.
Quite possible that it'll come to an end this year.

Thread being avoided like the plague, lol.

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They've been #1 most years since they broke into the console realm, so not surprising. That level of consistency, over such a long time period is laudable. Even in the years they weren't on top, they never languished as distant also-rans like their two main competitors have. Always in the thick of it, even in the off years.

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Great run.
But 2019 is switch's. 2020 we will probably have ps5, but not for the entire year.
Also, ps4 took 5 years to reach its peak. If switch keep a strong momentum for years (considering it have space to price drops and revisions), it can still outsell ps5 first 2 or 3 years.

People are already predicting success for the PS5 without knowing a damn thing about it. Reminds me of the talk just before the PS3 launch.

On the other hand we already know that the Switch is a successful console that is selling comparably to the PS4. Isn't it more logical prediction that the Switch will have the top spot for the next 4+ years?

8 year WW streak baby. What an epic run it has been. Well deserved too. Sony's 1st party has been on fire the last 8 years.

Too bad that Sony had to nearly give PS4's away in the US to achieve those numbers.  $199 pretty much everywhere around me for about 6 weeks and a couple places had other discounts in place that brought the price down to the $150 range.  The Switch stayed pretty steady at $300 that whole time.


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