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Forums - General Discussion - Humans Suck -_-

I feel most sorry for the Dodo birds. It would have been amazing to have them nowadays.

Eat, bark, love.

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Technically, we don't suck as a species, we're just supremely overpowered lol

It's very, very hard to get everyone to adopt and play by the rules to protect these species when said rules are generally very expensive for people already struggling for money and/or mean you won't have enough farmland. It might be easy for someone like me sitting comfortably in Florida to be outraged that someone shot a rhino for its horn, but for someone who is absolutely poverty stricken and knows said horn could fetch as much as a decade's income in one go... I don't think it requires a lot of rationalizing, especially when you're hungry.

We're not a "bad" species in my opinion, just one that's driven to such actions by the laws of nature itself. Hopefully we can help protect as many of these other species as possible until we transition into a world of unlimited energy that could see living standards globally rising to something akin to the west, which is probably still a long way off. :

Rab said:

UN: Growing threat to food from decline in biodiversity - BBC Science (
22 February 2019) 

The link is broken.

Based on the headline though, I can already tell you what my rebuttal is likely to be: humans overcome threats all the time. We are simply much better able to produce food, with much, much fewer resources now, compared to literally anytime in our history. We get better at it every single day.  

We certainly can't ignore problems.  But, I have absolute faith in humanity's ability to overcome anything of this sort.  With that in mind, in the big picture, I tend to disagree that many things, like what this article is probably talking about, the bee problem you mentioned previously, and the like are truly problems at all. They're simply changes, learning experiences, and opportunities for humans to keep the wheels of progress turning