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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 help

I need some help with this game, well not really with the game but the performance. I'm playing on a 4K 55 inch TV  and the game looks terrible, super blurry and rough around the edges. I tried playing it in handheld mode but the game also doesn't look very good or run smoothly in that mode. 

Along with that the game has serious framerate issues that are quite distracting. I'm loving the game so far but these performance issues are hindering my enjoyment at times. 

I don't think I can fix the frame rate issues, but is there a way to make the game look better on a TV?

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I'm not an expert in this case but have you tried to change TV? And if yes, does it look terrible as before?

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AlbiNecroxz said:
I'm not an expert in this case but have you tried to change TV? And if yes, does it look terrible as before?

I only have one tv at the moment so can't try. Mario Kart seemed to look fine on the tv and the ps4 games all look fine aswell, I don't think it's an issue with the tv. But was wondering if it runs better on a certain setting.

If you decide to play the expansion named Torna, wait for the slide show at the final battle. Still an amazing final boss battle.

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Set your Switch to output at 720p.

This will prevent the image being scaled twice (once by the system then again by the TV) and 720p divides evenly into 4K, giving you a superior image.

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youre dealing with a very large 4K TV. the game only displays at 720p so the image is just being stretched out with the TV trying to image correct it as best as it can.

Xenoblade 2 is my 2nd favourite game of the gen, absolutely superb. However it isn't the best in terms of performance. Just let the super gameplay absorb you.Trust me you will be able to see past the technical issues.