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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Elite smash does not foster practice or improvement

The more I play smash ultimate online the more i realize there are some pretty major issues in how it handles its ranking system. There are tangible benefits to remaining in elite smash, a higher skilled player base and lower chances of encountering non competitive rule sets being the biggest 2. The problems with this crop up when you realize how easy it is to loose access to elite smash which impacts not only your play style but how your opponents play the game as well. If you want to hold on to the benefits of elite smash you should both play defensively without a lot of experimentation and you should avoid opponents that you consistently loose against like the plague. You cant practice against a player that's better than you because if you go on a 5 or 6 game loosing streak there's a legitimate chance you'll be bumped down to the lower ranking even if  you actually are getting better by figuring out an unfamiliar character or play style. I held on to elite smash for well over a month without any problems but after practicing against a snake that was pretty well out of my league for nearly 10 matches I'm constantly teetering on the verge of either gaining or loosing elite smash. I'll get knocked down to regular solo play where the player base is way below my level then grind through half a dozen or so matches to reach elite smash where I'm forced to avoid rematches against everyone I barely win against because I cant afford to take the loss. On top of that I feel like I'm not the only one that's paranoid because I feel like the chances of me getting a rematch against a player I either beat or barely loose too are extremely low as if they're also trying to horde their GSP. Am I the only one that feels this waY? Its almost starting to feel like a major strike against the game for me

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Yeah, the whole GSP system is bad. It attracts cancerous playing from the kind of people whose primary objective playing the game isn't to have fun, but to win and maintain GSP. Circle camping, leaving right after one win/loss, spamming bullshit moves, etc. I've seen tons of Young Links and Clouds online who keep spamming the exact same move until it no longer works. Left to their own devices, they'd Young Link forward smash their way to the top. Is that fun? Do you feel accomplished? Why do these people exist and always pop right up and spread their disease the instant a game is released?

Honestly, I always have to sigh whenever I see a Young Link, Cloud or Mii Brawler because 9 times out of 10 they're going to be that kind of player.

This is why we can't have nice things.

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Yes, quickplay is terrible, you're better off not playing it.

That said, there are many good places for you to find people to play against in battle arenas, and those are quite fun, and also usually less laggy. Personally the places I'm always finding people to play are my local community discord, character-specific discords (the Ridley one had a crew battle just yesterday, it was pretty cool), and smashladder. There's no shortage of good places to play if you look for them, just keep in mind these will usually always be limited to competitive rules only - which seems to be what you're looking for anyway, so no problems there.

Not familiar with competitive Smash, but this is a problem with online play that involves ranking systems in general. People want to cling so badly to their ranks, so anything outside of the established build or playstyle is rare, to the point you have the rug pulled from right under you when you see someone doing otherwise. In Pokemon, I got so used to seeing completely standard builds and movesets that I would get blown away at times when someone brought something common with a different moveset (and knew what they were doing).