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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Dusk Diver looks surprisingly good and needs more attention from Switch owners.

Dusk Diver is a game with low publicity that caught a lot of my attention. The visuals and gameplay looks pretty good and this game will easily be on my list of switch games that I want to play this year. I will put more information about this game below:


Dusk Diver playing as an ordinary high school girl, Yang Yumo.Shuttling between the surface and inner worlds of Ximending, fighting against the demon invasions with the guardians siding with you.


Traveling between the surface and the inner world, quietly protect the peace of Ximending

The game world consists of two dimensions, players can explore the realistic Ximending street and its storylines;

feast on the local cousines to boost your attributes; engage in demon slaying missions to protect "Ximending".

Diverse attack combinations, plentiful moves and skills, summoning the guardians to flight along with.

In the unique battle system, you can use the light and heavy attacks to chain up various combat styles; summoning the guardians and cast their ultimates when it's time to eliminate you foes. 

Also, take advantage of each guardian's traits to carry out the most effective and gorgeous battle. 

Gameplay trailer

Dusk Diver will be available for Switch and PC (STEAM) in 2019.


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I'll probably get it :)

Persona vibes.... Might give it a look on steam, if it doesnt also come to PS4.

Looks good! Picking up!

Wow the size of ......

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I knew when the handheld and console divisions of Nintendo merged that we would be seeing more anime inspired content on the console side of things. Not my style. I watched a trailer and I can't see what someone would like. But the beauty of this system is that it seems to be everything for everyone. Hope you guys enjoy your game, even if it flies under the radar. The hidden gems are the best ones anyway.

OP, who is developing this game, and what have they made in the past?

I'm actually thankful you posted this. The game is now on my radar

Will get if physical version comes out