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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is the list of the best selling Switch games ever going to be updated?

Recently released games such as Pokemon LG or Smash aren't showing on the list of best selling Switch games.

Is is permanent and did vgchartz decide to stop to update those lists or is it something that's  going to be corrected in the near future?

Could someone please explain the situation?


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They are showing up just fine.
As Machina announced back in December: VGC is switching to listing shipment numbers instead of estimating retail sales.
We are currently in a transition phase and so you can find Smash and Pokemon LetsGo a bit further down.
Once Nintendo's next quarterly report comes out they will be somewhere in the top 10.

In the meantime use this link: Switch bestsellers by estimated sales

Last edited by Marth - on 21 January 2019