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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is MGS5 worth getting for someone who finds Kojima's writing offputting?

MGS5 is about the last Xbox 360 game of note that I haven't played yet.

The gameplay looks like the kind of thing I'd enjoy, but I worry about being put off and constantly annoyed by the story as to be perfectly frank I generally dislike Kojima's writing and the way his games are often stuffed with cutscenes.

Am I likely to still be able to enjoy the game, or am I just going to be suffering through lengthy cutscenes for like a third of my playtime like in MGS4?

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You're in luck: There is no writing in MGS5

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tbh Kojima didnt even enjoy pumping out these MGS games either
That said the story is pretty minimal, with most coming from audio tapes. You can easily just cutscene skip if you wish. Play Ground Zeroes first to give you an idea of what to expect. If you cant stomach GZ multiplied by a few times into an actual game then skip MGS5. If GZ was enjoyable then keep going
That said, Ground Zeroes is better than most of MGS5. Still, I enjoyed the game for what it is worth.

Curl, you could of did a quick google search. The most well known thing about MGS5 that it is not a story heavy Kojima game, and it was on purpose in response to MGS4. You'll be fine.

MGS5 has fairly little story for an MGS game and, depending on what your problem is with Kojima's writing in general, it might also be more bearable. Anyway, even if you completely ignore the story, gameplay is absolutely solid and you should be able to enjoy it. Gameplay-wise, I'd say it's the best in the series by far. One minus is that there's fairly little sneaking in areas with lots of buildings, so most of the game is fairly open in that regard as well.

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If you have the chance, play this game on PC or on Ps4. It deserves 60 fps.

For me, MGS5 is a massive disappointment and a terrible entry in the franchise BECAUSE there's fuck all story, or cutscenes, or anything really... I actually gave up on it less than halfway in because it just doesn't feel like an Metal Gear Solid game to me, lol.

... So yeah, you'll probably enjoy it :P

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
You're in luck: There is no writing in MGS5

^Pretty much this.

It's not like it's the worst story I've seen in a game by a long shot, but for a MGS game, it was a big disappointment. It feels really weird, in many many ways.
That said, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game for the gameplay, more than I enjoyed the gameplay of previous MGS games.

Which is also weird to say, because I also think previous MGS games had way more interesting level design. This one doesn't funnel you through carefully thought out corridors and rooms, but rather focuses on an open world aspect. Which, thanks to the evolution of the game mechanics, was really fun, in a different way. I was motivated to play this one more than previous games, even after the story concluded, because of all the things there are to do in it.

If you just ignore the story for the most part, there's a chance you may very well enjoy the gameplay.

MGS4 was also a dud for me, as I had issues with both the story, and the imo fairly boring setting of a middle eastern war torn area where everything looks rather dull.

By the way, here's a clip of me playing around with a mechanic that lets your partner Sniper shoot a hand grenade you throw out of the air, and unto a target. In this case helicopters.

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Thanks for the input everyone, looks like I'll be picking this one up next time I spot it at EB Games.

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