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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Anticipated New Release of February?


Most Anticipated New Release of February?

Anno 1800 83 4.66%
Anthem 254 14.26%
Crackdown 3 143 8.03%
Dirt Rally 2.0 56 3.14%
Far Cry New Dawn 67 3.76%
Jump Force 144 8.09%
Left Alive 84 4.72%
Metro Exodus 372 20.89%
Trials Rising 41 2.30%
Nothing This Month 537 30.15%

This week's front page poll.

Most Anticipated New Release of February?

Anno 1800


Crackdown 3

Dirt Rally 2.0

Far Cry New Dawn

Jump Force

Left Alive

Metro Exodus

Trials Rising

Nothing This Month


As usual with these ones, I had to cut out some contenders because the maximum number of poll options is 10. Sorry if your pick for the month didn't make the cut!

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Far Cry i guess


edit: Getting Far Cry, Metro and a Switch-game called Aragami this month

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Nothing This Month is looking really exciting.

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Minekos Night Market. Well, actually it has no announced release date (except early 2019), but a man can hope.

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Metro Exodus, for sure. I feel like it’s been on my most wanted list for two years.

I’m also interested in Away: Journey to the Unexpected and RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore.

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1. Crackdown 3
2. Jump Force
3. Trials Rising

Lost all hype for Anthem when it was announced that they were removing traditional Bioware elements like AI companions and romance options. Far Cry: New Dawn is the first Far Cry since I started playing the series with Far Cry 3 that I'm just not interested in, the other 2 post-apocalyptic games this year, Metro Exodus and Rage 2, look much better. I haven't played the first 2 Metro games, so I'm skipping Exodus for the time being. And I'm just not interested in the rest.

Nothing I'm really looking forward to. Left Alive and Metro Exodus are the only games on the list that I might get at some point down the line, and even then I'm not all that excited about them at the moment.

There were two indie games that looked great this month. Odallus and Oniken.

Etrian Odyssey Nexus

OP if you can please add it in the poll.

Aragami Shadow Edition for the Switch :D

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