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Forums - Sony Discussion - Days Gone - New Combat Video From Developer

Looking more and more polished. Freakers seem faster. 300 considered a small horde.

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I hope there will be Hard diff level, that means the freakers kill u instantly when they got in touch with u. The rest is awesome.

tbh the observations & planning, the stealth and trap mechanics, the kiteing.... it looks fun.
Its not just another mindless shooter type game.

It will be interesting to see if they're able to achieve their goal, because that's a damn tough balancing act to pull off. Not making it so easy that players can lazily run and gun without any planning, but not making it so hard that you have to formulate a perfect plan.

My gut feeling is that the zombies simply being faster than the player (side note - is it me, or does that not actually seem to be the case? When he runs away he increases the gap even without obstacles :S) won't be enough to prevent players mindlessly taking them on and succeeding, but I hope I'm wrong, because I'm really looking forward to this one and the gameplay concept as presented by the devs is very appealing.