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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Switch vs PS4 2019


Which console will sell more and by how much?

Switch by 20 million plus 9 6.92%
Switch by 15-20 million 1 0.77%
Switch by 10-15 million 10 7.69%
Switch by 5-10 million 44 33.85%
Switch by under 5 million 44 33.85%
PS4 by under 5 million 14 10.77%
PS4 by 5-10 million 2 1.54%
PS4 by 10-15 million 1 0.77%
PS4 by 15-20 million 1 0.77%
PS4 by 20 million plus 4 3.08%

According the VGChartz in the calendar year of 2018 the PS4 sold 17.3 million consoles and the Nintendo Switch sold 15.8 million. This data only goes until December 22nd so we will have to wait and see the final yearly figures when the last 9 days are added but you get the point. 

The PS4 is a beast and to think that a console that has been out over 5 years with such a massive install base can still reach these numbers is very impressive indeed. With several big games still to be released in 2019 for the console it's fair to say Sony can expect another great year but at what point has the market reached saturation? How many people who are interested in the PS4 already have one? How many people thinking of buying a console are holding out for PS5? Will 2019 PS4 sales match those of 2018?

Nintendo on the other hand has posted impressive numbers with a 2018 software lineup that was perhaps not as strong as its 2017 offerings. The console is about to enter its 3rd year and may potentially get a hardware revision and even a price cut this year. The Switch is also set to release big hitters like a main line Pokemon game, Metroid Prime 4 and several big 3rd party releases. In 2019 the Switch's sales should increase dramatically, but can it reign in the PS4 and even outsell it by a wide margin?

In my opinion this is the year of the Switch. If Nintendo can't outsell the PS4 this year I would consider it a feather in the cap for Sony. IMO the Switch should be looking at sales of about 25 million for the calendar year of 2019. This may sound high but I think it's possible if the software lineup delivers the games people are waiting for. Sony on the other hand will sell 12-13 million PS4's in 2019 IMO. This would represent another strong year and put the sales of the console toward PS1 numbers... A great achievement. 

So yes, I have Switch outselling PS4 in the calendar year of 2019 by almost 2:1. Does anyone agree or do you think the Sony PS4 train is an unstoppable force even now. I'm interested to hear your thoughts.... 

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I'm not sure PS4 sales will slow down too much, but Switch's will certainly increase and quite considerably I think. Pokémon, and all. So, Switch wins.

Switch winning is pretty much a lock, but the question is by how much..

Bet with Intrinsic:

The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.

Hard to say when we know next to nothing about 2019 lineup in term of when games actually come out. I wish Nintendo was more clear and we really need a direct

Switch by under 5 million

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In between 4M-6M for the Switch.

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I voted switch by 20M.

The option was there.......

I expect something like 14M ps4 19M switch so around 5M

Switch by 5-10 mil seem like the safest bet.

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If I had to make a prediction this early for 2019, I'd say:

NSW: 21-22M
PS4: 13-14M

So, the Switch wins by 8M, plus or minus a million.