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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Competition Gen 7 Edition Round 2 - Match 8

Approved by Cycycychris

Welcome everyone to a new uran10 pokemon competition, which is pretty much a rehash of an old competition only with some new pokemon! This tournament will feature all 827 pokemon (alolan forms are counted as their own) and will crown who is VGC's favourite pokemon of the first 7 generations of pokemon. Welcome to round 2 where the rules have changed and everything here is for keeps. Each round will contain 32 pokemon and of these 32 only the top 8 will advance to round 3.

Even though there are 32 Pokemon in this round you are only voting for your favourite 10  like in the example below:

10p Wartortle

9p Squirtle

8p cyndaquil

7p chimchar

6p turtwig

5p poliwag

4p caterpie

3p Pikachu

2p Ledyba

1p Pichu

Round 2 Match 7 Results:

1)Charmander 42 points

2) Garchomp 31 points

3) Manectric, Cyndaquil and Aggron 23 points

6) Swellow and Raikou 17 points

8) Starmie 16 points

9) Flareon, Milotic and Alolan Sandslash 15 points

12) Snivy 13 points

13) Kommo-o and Primarina 10 points

15) GIvle and Marshtomp 9 points

17) Nidoqueen 8 points

18) Espeon and Vanilluxe 7 points

20) tentacruel 5 Points

21) Eelektross 4 points

22) Exploud and Gigalith 3 points

24) Primeape 2 Points

25) Rhyhorn, Banette, and Rufflet 1 Point

28) 0 points

The next 32 Pokemon in round 2 are:

#553 Krookodile

#335 Zangoose

#377 Regirock

#311 Plusle

#210 Granbull

#792 Lunala

#88 Grimer

#484 Palkia

#707 Kelfki

#221 Piloswine

#397 Staravia

#69 Bellsprout

#104 Cubone

#319 Sharpedo

#37B Alolan Vulpix

#209 Snubbull

#677 Espurr

#771 Pyukumuku

#26 Raichu

#525 Boldore

#482 Azelf

#773 Silvally

#587 Emolga

#617 Accelgor

#405 Luxray

#358 Chimecho

#656 Froakie

#122 Mr. Mime

#159 Croconaw

#451 Skorupi

#168 Ariados

#655 Delphox

Remember you are only voting for 10 of the above 32 pokemon

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10p Luxray
9p Froakie
8p Staravia
7p Croconaw
6p Raichu
5p Krookodile
4p Alolan Vulpix
3p Bellsprout
2p Cubone
1p Espurr

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100p Plusle
9p Alolan Vulpix
8p Espurr
7p Cubone
6p Emolga
5p Chimecho
4p Ariados
3p Klefki
2p Luxray
1p Azelf

10p Raichu
9p Pyukumuku
8p Krookodile
7p Grimer
6p Alolan Vulpix
5p Palkia
4p Ariados
3p Luxray
2p Boldore
1p Staravia

10p Plusle
9p Luxray
8p Krookodile
7p Croconaw
6p Froakie
5p Palkia
4p Raichu
3p Sharpedo
2p Ariados
1p Delplox

Around the Network

10p Krookodile
9p Sharpedo
8p Cubone
7p Luxray
6p Raichu
5p Accelgor
4p Emolga
3p Plusle
2p Croconaw
1p Zangoose

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10p Luxray
9p Raichu
8p Staravia
7p Krookodile
6p Froakie
5p Piloswine
4p Sharpedo
3p Croconaw
2p Palkia
1p Azelf


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