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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why do you keep playing a bad game?

Does anyone remember a gem two generations ago called The Simpsons: Hit and Run?  Almost every Simpsons license game was utter trash, but Hit and Run was probably 1 out of 2 Simpsons game that was worth a buy and justified the twisted sense of humor of the Simpsons franchise.  I ended up beating this game, and because I had enjoyed the game so much wondered why did I ever traded it in?  But while the far majority of the game kept my spirits up, there was one aspect of that game that got me cursing in the wee hours in the morning.  Let's just say that racing games and I do not mix for the most part, and I had to employ a cheat to to pass all racing sequences in Hit and Run.

Fast forward to today.  Some of you know that I've bought into PlayStation Plus, and one of the free games that was offered recently was OnRush.  It's sort of a racing/Twisted Metal sort of game.  You finish the "race" by achieving objectives before your team of opponents do.  Now, it's fairly common for practically all of us to have late night gaming sessions.  We all do that.  But why, dear God why, did I stay up from Friday night to 4:30 Saturday morning playing OnRush both online and offline cursing and screaming as the screen almost after every round including the ones that I had won with a slight majority of wins under my belt?  Admittedly, I recognize that it's a fairly quality game in itself.  So it's not so much of a bad game, but I just suck at racing I'll admit.  But I was much better off starting a new game of Bloodborne or Persona 5.  Or I could have went back to finished up the Sly Trilogy with Sly 3.  Maybe start watching Attack on Titan Season 2.  But, nope.  I had to waste my precious evening weekend on a game and genre that fuels the toxicity of the mass casual gamer.  In fact, I was far better off watching these reality tv shows where skanks and hos get process at detention centers after getting arrested on COPS.  So maybe there is some truth when some people say that video games are such a waste of time because I know my time was.

So... Why do you keep playing a bad game?

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I sometimes reflect on Alone in the Dark (Wii Version) in the same way that I annually watch The Room (Tommy Wiseau). It's something everyone needs to experience. I have written reviews of this game and talked a lot about it to my friends, its like an obsession that I can not explain. The dialogue, the controls, the A.I, the car part, opening the inventory with motion controls, topped off with it's shisterous ending (pronounced Shy-sterous).
This game is so bad it's good. Very ambitious for the creator's skills, production value, planning, and overall potential.
Playing this in a room full of friends like I did, taking in turns to do the next part of this magical adventure is hilarious, it is a remediable experience that not many players will have.
Also it's music stood out as it is epic and over the top violins and orchestras. The Music didn't match as the music was really good and the rest really bad, for example some paper-bats fly around glitching into walls as over-the-top frantic Lord of the Rings music appears XD.
11/5 stars.

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I played Monster Jam:Battlegrounds, which I got in summer 2017 on PS3 as part of my PS+ subscription. It's a terrible game by any measure, and easily the worst PS+ game ever offered from the service. I WAS able to extract some enjoyment from it simply because it was so bad. The VO announcer particularly, was so bad it was good. It had audio which I can only describe as "crackling", which was a new experience, as was participating in races that lasted between 4-8 seconds. Outstanding. As to why I played it? It was there "for free", and the trophies were easy. All except the last 2, which stopped me from getting the plat. It's really the only example in my entire life I can think of where I persisted in playing a bad game.

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I was expecting a really cool boss fight at the end of GOW... I was really disappointed lol. Also KH Rechain of memory was horrible on the first play through, but I had to know what happens in the story

Youre not wrong, Onrush is fucking trash, and a letdown conpared to Driveclub and Motorstorm.

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flashfire926 said:
Youre not wrong, Onrush is fucking trash, and a letdown conpared to Driveclub and Motorstorm.

Maybe I was being too nice when I said "it's a fairly quality game in itself."  I still suck at racing.

If a game is really bad, I don't. If it has serious flaws, I might still play it if it has something to keep me interested.

I've never played it, but I want to play Sonic 06, just to experience how absolutely terrible it is! I've seen a lot of playthroughs of it and there's so many new glitches each time in each run that I want to not just experience how bad it is but how else I can screw up the game!