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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - official NSW most (European) played games of 2018

So Nintendo released the top 20 most played games on the Nintendo Switch today and there are 1 or 2 suprises, check out the official list below

1.  Fornite  


2.  Botw


3.  SMO


4. Splat2


5. Mario Kart 8D


6. Fifa 18


7. Minecraft


8. Pokemon Lets Go, pikachu


9. Pokemon Lets Go Eevee


10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 


11. Skyrim


12.Rocket League


13. Mario Rabbits kingdom Battle


14. Pokemon Quest


15. Stardew Valley


16. Dragon Ball Xenoverse


17.  Octopath Traveller


18. Smash Bros Ultimate


19. Paladins


20. Super Mario Party


21. Mario

Couple of Suprises there for me most notably Fifa 18 at 6th and Smash Bros actually making an appearance. Sorry i did try and add images off each games to spice up the OP a little but couldnt work out how to add images from hard drive!

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*in Europe.

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Mar1217 said:
*in Europe.

Oops yeah my Bad only in Europe based on linked account.