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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Competition Gen 7 Edition Round 2 - Match 6

Approved by Cycycychris

Welcome everyone to a new uran10 pokemon competition, which is pretty much a rehash of an old competition only with some new pokemon! This tournament will feature all 827 pokemon (alolan forms are counted as their own) and will crown who is VGC's favourite pokemon of the first 7 generations of pokemon. Welcome to round 2 where the rules have changed and everything here is for keeps. Each round will contain 32 pokemon and of these 32 only the top 8 will advance to round 3.

Even though there are 32 Pokemon in this round you are only voting for your favourite 10  like in the example below:

10p Wartortle

9p Squirtle

8p cyndaquil

7p chimchar

6p turtwig

5p poliwag

4p caterpie

3p Pikachu

2p Ledyba

1p Pichu

Round 2 Match 5 Results:

1) Lucario 55 points

2) Mewtwo 42 points

3) Lapras 41 points

4) Treecko and Dragonite 36 points

6) Staraptor 26 points

7) Alola Sandshrew 23 points

8) Serperior 20 points

9) Poliwrath 16 points

10) Crobat 12 points

11) Druddigon and Tropius 11 points

13) Zebstrika 9 Points

14) Gliscor and Furret 8 points

16) Kangaskhan 7 points

17) Meowth, Vanillite and Ursaring 5 Points

20) Gligar 4 Points

21) Brionne 2 points

22) Dhelmise and Flaffy 1 point

24) 0 points

The next 32 Pokemon in round 2 are:

#586 Sawsbuck

#702 Dedenne

#754 Lurantis

#701 Hawlucha

#157 Typhlosion

#77 Ponyta

#254 Sceptile

#693 Clawitzer

#9 Blastoise

#239 Elekid

#667 Litleo

#76B Alolan Golem

#80 Slowbro

#393 Piplup

#19 Rattata

#680 Doublade

#147 Dratini

#344 Claydol

#246 Larvitar

#171 Lanturn

#726 Torracat

#602 Tynamo

#678 Meowstic

#418 Buizel

#187 Hoppip

#614 Beartic

#468 Togekiss

#17 Pidgeotto

#256 Combusken

#136 Flareon

#304 Aron

#714 Noibat

Remember you are only voting for 10 of the above 32 pokemon

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10p Blastoise
9p Sceptile
8p Typhlosion
7p Dratini
6p Pigdeotto
5p Flareon
4p Hoppip
3p Buizel
2p Togekiss
1p Larvitar

Last edited by uran10 - on 15 January 2019

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10p Beartic
9p Blastoise
8p Buizel
7p Larvitar
6p Piplup
5p Dratini
4p Sceptile
3p Pidgeotto
2p Litleo
1p Doublade

10 Meowstic
9p Flareon
8p Claydol
7p Dedenne
6p Lanturn
5p Typhlosion
4p Litleo
3p Larvitar
2p Clawitzer
1p Sawsbuck

10p Sceptile
9p Typhlosion
8p Buizel
7p Pidgeotto
6p Dedenne
5p Hawlucha
4p Blastoise
3p Ratatta
2p Slowbro
1p Aron

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10p Blastoise
9p Piplup
8p Pigeotto
7p Typhlosion
6p Sceptile
5p Clawitzer
4p Torracat
3p Combusken
2p Dratini
1p Flareon

10p Typhlosion
9p Sceptile
8p Litleo
7p Dratini
6p Piplup
5p Blastoise
4p Buizel
3p Togekiss
2p Pidgeotto
1p Larvitar


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