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Forums - Movies Discussion - Should Hollywood stop blackwashing characters?


Should Hollywood stop blackwashing white characters in film/TV?

Yes. Characters should fo... 49 85.96%
No. Representation trumps... 8 14.04%

I'm just making this poll out of morbid curiosity. There was quite a bit of outrage when Ciri was rumored to be played by a black actress in The Witcher Netflix series despite her being traditionally white. Likewise, casting Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, who is, of course white in the shitty Fantastic Four reboot (Fant4shit) drew a lot of ire from fans, even though it was probably the least problematic thing in that godawful movie tbh (I'd say making Dr. Doom, one of the most badass characters in comics a trash-bag wearing, poor man's Imhotep was so much worse). Casting Zendeya as Mary Jane was also heavily criticized as was casting Idris Elba as Roland in The Dark Tower, even though it turned out she was actually playing a whole new original character in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The same is also true of whitewashing minority characters. Casting Sco Jo as Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell drew rabid backlash as well as we all very much know. However, the populace seems to be more accepting of whitewashing characters than the opposite for reasons as money and "don't cave to PC culture!"

As for me, I think, and always have thought that characters should always follow the source material. I'd be just as upset about Jason Statham being cast as Blade or Black Panther as I would SWM characters being needlessly gender/racewashed. I don't want Tommy the Green Ranger being turned into Tomi in the rumored Power Rangers sequel or Ellen Ripley being turned into Allen Ripley or any of that shit.

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and white washing too, they should stop changing characters period


If a characters race is not already put in place then they can give the roles to minorities so we can have more representation but if a character has a race then someone of that race should play that character.

There are often different/alternate versions of characters, drastically different from how we knew them. Reboots, redesigns, alternate universes, etc.
If you can change already established characteristics, personalities and history of characters, then it would seem strange if something as trivial as skincolor would be off boundaries.

Every author/creator have different visions, so it's not like they can all adhere to the same standard.

When it comes to hollywood movies, I just think whoever is best for the part should get it.
Of course, at the same time they shouldn't whitewash/blackwash etc, just for the sake of doing that.
But if say Idris Elba's audition for Bond is much better than *insert Caucasian actor*, then go for it.

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They should stop whitewashing firt, then you ask for it

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Agreed with this but also, Ghost in the Shell isn’t a good example of whitewashing. The creator of the anime specifically said that that character wasn’t Asian and that they wanted Scarlett to play the main character, so if it comes from the creator, then I don’t think anyone should be complaining about that.

I do think that people are way more vocal with whitewashing though because “minorities matter” except minority differs country to country... so.

People over react a lot and quite frankly I’m sick of people bashing on white people simply for being white, which is very racist.

Back to the topic, as much as I believe you should use the source material, I also believe that if you are in charge of making something, you have the right to make it how you see fit in your vision. Gets kinda complicated.

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EricFabian said:
They should stop whitewashing firt, then you ask for it

No. They should both be stopped, if the only argument for stopping “whitewashing” first is because “white skin color” then your solution is pretty inefficient and racist. You don’t do something based off of someone’s skin color. Both should be stopped when the problem arises, not ignore “blackwashing” and only focus on “whitewashing”

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They should stop blackwashing AND whitewashing, and... asianwashing, is that a thing? Basically, if they're protraying a character with defined racial traits (skin colour etc.), they should pick actors that fit the role rather than picking other ethnicities for the sake of "diversity", since all it does is divide the fanbase, you have the one group supporting it and the other half throwing out racial slurs and insults against the actor, which I'm sort of guessing isn't what they want.

TL;DR Stick to the source material. If the character is white, pick a white actor, if they're black, pick a black actor... it's actually pretty simple if you think about it.

Stick to the source material imo.
Not just skin tones either, I hate it when movie/tv series writers thing its "best" to diviate from the books ect.

Always stick as true to the source material as possible, if your turning a book ect into a movie.

Ciri in the Witcher books was never described as white... Going by source material you need to find someone with half elven blood and half Nilfgaardian. Nilfgaard is part of the Southern Kingdoms, so a darker complexion would not be far fetched.