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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Re2 would've been better with the classic camera

People, played the demo today, and I feel kind of sad...

When this game was announced in 2015, it was greenlight because of the success of remake in the ps4 and xbox, it was like a dream to me, 'cause re2 is my favorite game of all time

Since it was announced because of the success of the remake, I thought it would be like the remake... but I played it, and all I could see was re4 meets re7.

I saw a lot of cool things like puzzles, going back and forth, limited ammo and inventory, but all of that in a style of gameplay that doesn't go well with these mechanics...

All I can think is: "Oh my god would it have been good if the didn't change their mind"

The classic camera of re worked well in games like until dawn, and people still like the remake of 1...

I was looking at the demo and at the original 2015 announced, and I feel kind of betrayed...

Sorry... just wanted to give my opinion about my favorite game of all time

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Not for me, I really enjoy the RE4 approach. It would be too old fashion and wouldn't sit well with modern gamers.

For me, no.

However I feel they should do another remake that keeps the original gameplay. Much like the first Resident Evil remake.

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No. I like it better how it is now.

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If they ahd done that itd've been for nostaldia reasons only, the current iteration of the game is far superior in every aspect to the old one and it was the right choice to change the camera, maybe a very small contigent of ppl will be displeased by the game will be way better with this new chamera.

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Not like it can't probably be modded with some effort, though.






Re2 would have been better with the classic camera

No and fortunately they didn't do that shit, the RE4 camera is the best choice for a game coming out in 2019. We're no longer on PS1.

For me the fixed camera is the horror and painful for the gameplay.

There is a rumor that the fixed camera is unlockable. Resetera.

Absolutely disagree.

Why would anyone want to play a game with that shit camera. Back then on the PS1 it was done out of necessity due to PR backgrounds and hardware limitations. But that brought with it the biggest of all gameplay flaws " you could be in a 20 feet hallway but not be able to see an enemy that 10 ft away from you standing in the middle of the corridor!!" Or even worse you literally cannot aim at enemies and jut shot in their general direction.

People often allow nostalgia et the best f them, and this is ne of those cases where it would have made for a horrible game.

I don't think it was done out of necessity, we had games like siphon filter that had this action aproach, and that we could aim

I don't think the classic camera means it's an old game

Until Dawn uses it and nobody criticizes it....