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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What classifies as good third party support on the Switch?

One common argument with Switch naysayers is that the third party games it has are already available on more powerful consoles they have. Now, if you don't care about portability, I can understand that argument. The odd part comes in the double standard this has. Because we can apply this to other consoles too. I already played these third party and indie games on PC, why would I buy them on PS4 when I have a more powerful platform? The same argument really.

For Switch, there is an actual reason to buy third party games on it because it lets you play them outside your house. If you don't care about that, fine. But how can you look at 2018, which saw tons of great third party releases and conclude that the Switch doesn't have at least decent third party support?

I Personally consider good third party support to be when a console has a wide variety of good games in various genres for various types of gamers. In that sense, the Switch has gotten off to a decent start. I know the counter argument to this will be "But the Switch isn't getting this, this, and this" Okay, So? It was obvious from day one Switch wouldn't be able to get every single major third party game, especially not this early in its life. But what it is getting is more than enough to satisfy gamers who use it as a secondary system or like its portability, and will only get even better this year, as I'm sure a lot of those games coming in 2019 to the PS4 and Xbox One will get Switch ports. It's better than the Wii U days, where there was practically no third party games that came to the system after launch window.

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For me, all else being equal, I would say that a system needs to get most of the big third party titles at launch on the other systems, for it to be considered good third-party support. By this standard, switch has terrible third-party support.

But, good is a relative term. It looks like switch may have good third party support, relative to Wii U, for example.

With all of that said, I don't personally care weather switch gets good third-party support. I do most of my gaming at home, on my couch. So, if a big AAA title releases on all systems, including Switch, at the same time, I would probably buy it for Playstation or Xbox anyway. But, when I have some travel coming up, I will generally pick up a game for Switch. And for those occasions, there are more than enough third party games to keep me satisfied.

Then there are the Nintendo games. That's really what I buy Nintendo systems for. So, I'd still own every Nintendo console even if they got zero third-party support.

Its got good support but not great as atm it is missing out on all the mainstream titles like COD, SOME EA Games, GTA etc..

Yes I know Nintendo gamers don't like those, but there are those who do.

Indie games I personally don't rate them on any system as a justification to good support.



The switch gets RPGs left and right so I'm good on the 3rd party front. Yeah it would be cool if the switch was somehow able to play everything that's on the PS4 and Xb1 but final fantasy 12 and dragon's dogma have me more excited than just about any AAA release that could get ported over

If the title is compelling for release on the Switch. Sure, you could release some boring vanilla franchise like Madden or Call of Duty on the console, but if it has not been made unique and compelling, then who gives a shit? Those games are far more interesting to other console fan bases.

Personally, I find the whole AAA industry to be nothing but boring regurgitated fecal matter. I don’t care how shiny it looks after being swallowed and vomited up 24 times, it still stinks.

Good games for Switch are those like Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, and so on. It is a shame we never saw Don’t Starve Together, my family would be all over that.

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I’d say good third party support means all the mainstream titles and indies, while bad third party support is basically nothing and having to rely on Nintendo’s drip-feed. I’d say the Switch is somewhere in between. It gets some mainstream titles like Mortal Kombat 11, Rocket League, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc., but it’s missing some others like COD and Madden. However, though it is missing out on some current AAA ports, it is getting some of those old AAA classics that have been tested by the last couple gens, so if you missed something earlier, I’d recommend picking it up for Switch. I also think indies count more for Switch than Wii U, since there’s really not much of a reason to get them on Wii U. Last year my Switch was kind of a Mario and Zelda machine, but in 2018 Celeste and Binding of Isaac were my killer apps up until Smash.

Just look at what Capcom does and do the opposite. ;)

But really, just releasing games and lots of them. Ports are fine and all, but new games are a much bigger deal.

If you have a good gaming PC, for sure buy your multiplats there as they will be cheaper and play better, why would you do it otherwise?

Good 3rd party support to Switch is receiving the same games as PS4 and X1.

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Personal tastes aside, having good 3rd party support means you have the best titles on your side. But can't mean ports or ports of old games, as 3rd party support has a purpose. And you can't have the best results if your 3rd party support isn't the best it could be.

Obviously, variety is part of the equation, as much as quantity is, but that alone isn't enough. Specially in regards to variety.
People may claim they want it, but in the end, they actually mean they want it in a certain way.

Switch still isn't on that level.
It may change or not this year, but until Switch can be on par with it's competition, i can't really say it has good 3rd party support. It has a few meaningful titles like Fifa, Fortnite and whatnot, but that's too little in a catalog of more than 1000 games.

Jumpin said:

Personally, I find the whole AAA industry to be nothing but boring regurgitated fecal matter. I don’t care how shiny it looks after being swallowed and vomited up 24 times, it still stinks.