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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Competition Gen 7 Edition Round 2 - Match 3

Approved by Cycycychris

Welcome everyone to a new uran10 pokemon competition, which is pretty much a rehash of an old competition only with some new pokemon! This tournament will feature all 827 pokemon (alolan forms are counted as their own) and will crown who is VGC's favourite pokemon of the first 7 generations of pokemon. Welcome to round 2 where the rules have changed and everything here is for keeps. Each round will contain 32 pokemon and of these 32 only the top 8 will advance to round 3.

Even though there are 32 Pokemon in this round you are only voting for your favourite 10  like in the example below:

10p Wartortle

9p Squirtle

8p cyndaquil

7p chimchar

6p turtwig

5p poliwag

4p caterpie

3p Pikachu

2p Ledyba

1p Pichu

Round 2 Match 1 Results:

1) Pidgeot 60 points

2) Umbreon 39 points

3) Infernape 37 points

4) Tyrantrum 36 points

5) Poliwhirl 26 points

6) Alolan Ninetails, Zekrom and Jigglypuff 23 points

9) Minun and Latias 22 points

11) Skarmory and Deoxys 21 points

13) Mimikyu 19 points

14) Vikavolt 18 points

15) Tauros 16 Points

16) Magneton and Rockruff 15 points

18) Teddiursa and Mawile 10 points

20) Mienshao 9 Points

21) Camerupt 8 Points

22) Shiftry 7 points

23) Wingull 4 points

24) Murkrow and Pumpkaboo 3 points

26) Paras and Spinarak 2 points

28) Ribombee 1 point

29) 0 points

The next 32 Pokemon in round 2 are:

#85 Dodrio

#309 Electrike

#583 Vanillish

#156 Quilava

#657 Frogadier

#181 Ampharos

#466 Electivire

#175 Togepi

#105B Alolan Marowak

#76 Golem

#276 Taillow

#138 Omanyte

#151 Mew

#224 Octillery

#5 Charmeleon

#54 Psyduck

#50 Diglett

#675 Pangoro

#194 Wooper

#315 Roselia

#113 Chansey

#95 Onix

#748 Toxapex

#364 Sealeo

#258 Mudkip

#106 Hitmonlee

#42 Golbat

#130 Gyarados

#791 Solgaleo

#794 Buzzwole

#537 Seismitoad

#381 Latios

Remember you are only voting for 10 of the above 32 pokemon

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10p Ampharaso
9p Quilava
8p Frogadier
7p Gyarados
6p Golem
5p Charmeleon
4p Golbat
3p Solgaleo
2p Mudkip
1p Sealeo

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10p Latios
9p Ampharos
8p Quilava
7p Alolan Marowak
6p Octillery
5p Electrike
4p Tailow
3p Mudkip
2p Mew
1p Wooper

10p Mudkip
9p Gyarados
8p Vanillish
7p Onix
6p Pangoro
5p Roselia
4p Alolan Marowak
3p Taillow
2p Electivire
1p Golem

10p Gyarados
9p Charmeleon
8p Ampharos
7p Alolan Marowak
6p Onix
5p Electivire
4p Diglett
3p Mew
2p Hitmonlee
1p Buzzwhole

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10p Latios
9p Gyarados
8p Mew
7p Quilava
6p Charmeleon
5p Pangoro
4p Ampharos
3p Electrike
2p Electivire
1p Mudkip

10p Mudkip
9p Mew
8p Wooper
7p Toxapex
6p Ampharos
5p Charmeleon
4p Alolan Marowak
3p Quilava
2p Omanyte
1p Latios

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10) Diglett
9p. Charmeleon
8p. Mudkip
7p. Psyduck
6p. Togepi
4p. Chansey
3p. Buzzwole
2p. Mew
1p. Gyarados


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