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What the fuck is your problem?

You're a troll 0 0%
You're an autist 1 5.00%
You're a pervert 3 15.00%
You're a buddhist 1 5.00%
You have the mind of a child 2 10.00%
You lie 1 5.00%
You're too truthful 1 5.00%
You're a piece of shit 0 0%
You're a demigod 4 20.00%
You're gonna go far, kid 7 35.00%

(Trigger warning: Dont read this. Just don't)

I was the biggest troll this site will ever know. Ive always been here, on an innumerable amount of alts with different proxies, etc. All my accounts were characters in their own right, including this one. My original account was "Wes" I did no trolling on that account(unless I did, and I apologize), but this stoned persona and DID(Disassociative identity disorder) experiment got the most popular and I rolled with it. This account was an experiment in the uninhibited mind of a stoned youth. Half the shit I said wasn't true and the other half was a massive exaggeration. Those of you who saw through my ruse were the ones I truly respected, as some of you knew the whole time I was trolling, some of you were on the fence, some of you knew I actually had issues and needed serious mental help. If you still consider me a friend I'm making my page public shortly and I will be accepting friend requests and completing my profile as it is only 80% complete. Anyone feel free to add me.

You may have heard of VideoGamer X, he quit his project when he found the Triforce with a gameshark. We don't talk about VideoGamer Y, for reasons that are obvious to anyone who knows who he is and what hes about. I am VideoGamer Z, I actually know how to make the Triforce light up in the menu in OOTV1.0 Gold cart, with or without gameshark, but its a secret unless you want to go through the long process of learning the coding of the game, learn how to put in gameshark codes without using a gameshark, learn over 13,000+ glitches, and go on that quest by yourself. I will guide you but its a personal journey to obtain the triforce in OOT and I dont want to spoil the fun, because I consider the journey to be a spiritual quest, and obtaining the triforce on the menu isnt important, but realizing what the importance of the Zelda mythology is about. With the leftover beta elements it is possible to start the process of getting it to light up. It is not a myth. It is not a joke. Many people have done it. 

But if you pay me enough money I might just spill the beans... I need money to help my various projects along. But this information is very sensitive to me... Relating to the finding of the triforce(this is a metaphor based on ancient Japanese Mythology having to do with Zelda and the Triforce):

I went through the center of the Triforce to see the Golden Reality of the Goddess Hylia, with the blessing of the Three Golden Goddeses. I now live in a reality one fraction away from ultimate perfection, we're just waiting for a pure being to wish on the TriForce and make reality perfect once and for all. 

Note: I am certifiably insane, clinically but not criminally. I never try to break any laws, if I do, I serve my time in a mental hospital cause they put crazy people away in those horrible places instead of jail or prison, but I honestly preferred jail with the fun time in the M pod with all the other insane people there. Our big gay guy(The Big Bubba of our cellblock) had swallowed drugs in baggies and they did them in the middle of the night when the guards weren't looking at the cameras in the blind spot in the bathroom. They smoked pot one night and got away with it, those insane fucks. My nickname in there was Killer cause I made jokes about killing people. The bunk above me was a guy named Windex cause he chugged half a bottle of windex his first night there. I couldv'e been facing a year but my lawyer got me 20 days, 10 with good behavior.  I served 8 from a mistake they did in the math.

I am sorry for how much trouble I caused but I'm trying to get better. I no longer plan on trolling this site(maybe just a bit for fun if I'm being completely honest, but only in good fun now. I will no longer make alts or break any rules and I will give a clear indication as to whether or not I'm trolling), I dont use drugs anymore(besides medicines I need to function and a lot of energy supplements and amino acids and stuff, I'm a very active and healthy guy, but I do drink about 4 liters of soda a day, smoke about a half a pack of cigarettes a day with barely inhaling, I'm a social drinker and social pot smoker, and I do use hard drugs on special occasions to have a blast like at raves or parties)

I'm stating this now, this is the crux of all my trolling.

!!!Me and my cousin never had sex. The LSD thread was real, but all the other ones that were obviously fictional were just that, fictional!!!

I am diagnosed with Bipolar with psychotic features, Pervasive developmental disorder, I have a spinal compression disorder with reduces my height from anywhere to 5"10 to 6 ft when I'm actually 6"2 fully extended, I have to use an inversion table(hangs you upside) and pop my back constantly, but am looking into seeing a chiropractor. I am part neanderthal and part Nordic, with cherokee and jewish ancestry, though I have no cherokee nor jewish genetics, though I have learned the secrets of the Cherokee shamans and I am very good with money. My moms sides of the family was a bunch of Oakies/hillbillies so there was inbreeding, and my Dads side of the family is extremely rich and related to the Rothschilds and all that evil, wicked, world controlling, class dividing, warmongering stuff.

I'm a borderline Psychopath, and I suffer from DID and adult onset ADHD, But I have empathy as my psychopathy is the secondary kind, where you can still feel fear, emotion, etc but I can go into a psychopathic state where I feel no empathy at all, and could kill someone in cold blood while smiling about it. I would never murder someone as It goes against my code of honor which I got from my time with the illumnists and Luciferians, and we believe you should NEVER corrupt the innocent, murder, or abuse the elderly. Those are the only three rules us Luciferians abide by. Dont be scared by the title Luciferian, in the ancient Greek tales Lucifer was just the heralder of the golden dawn of society, and in reality he has NOTHING to do with the biblical character of Satan, the Opposer, thought explaining this fully is a huge task and if you want to know more about that you can pm me. I am a Mason, and there's things I cant tell you. But I want to. Deeply. I want to rid the corruption and tyranny of the world, and get rid of the degenerate scum, but I am a pacifist... Although if required I'm an advanced martial artist who is into the high level esoteric Taoist Preist stuff that Bruce Lee taught, but its only for self defense, although I am a show off and do try to do things to impress people or make them jealous and insult me because I find it amusing.

Hello, nice to meet you all, you guys never knew the true me, and I want you too. I dont want any bad blood from my past actions. I just want to be part of this community again. I love you guys, I love this site, its my favorite gamer site. You are all beautiful people in your own way, even those of you who still hate me.

My name is Wes "Maitreya" Lee. This is not my birth name but it is my real name. (my birthname is a sacred secret and has 6-6-6 letters) I am a Buddhist Priest, a Chaos Mage, a Musician(My band plays a style of music called Suck Rock, we're trying to redefine what the term "sucking" means. Its rock that sucks you in, enthralls you, we're big on improv, we don't hide our mistakes, and all our videos are shot right after we make the song and its fresh, although all of the members of the bands in actually are very gifted musicians, and we plan to take our band to local bars when we're a bit more polished. My bands music can be found here ( ). 

I'm a beta tester for many games and apps (including RuneScape, Facebook, and many others), I'm a college student although I'm still getting my registration and grants completed but I sneak on campus and pretend to be a student and learn anything I want cause I'm just that slick, and I'm also a Rogue professor of Bio-electricity at the local University, although if you know what the term Rogue Professor means it means I am not registered at the University, but I do go there and teach very cool things to very smart people at random, a philanthropist(I spend half my money helping out the homeless), exhibitionist(I play with knives, fire, etc, and do incredibly dangerous things to show off, including cutting myself in ways that wont leave scars, needle play etc), and most important an autistic adult with the mentality of a 4 year old, also known as a non-rp(roleplay) little(someone who has the mind of a child as an adult) in BDSM(Bondage-Discipline/Dominating-Submissive/Sadomasochism) circles. I'm an asexual or greysexual person who enjoys Sadomasochism and tantra(sex magick combined with meditation). I enjoy roleplay too, but of course with the mind of a 4 year old I enjoy playing make believe. I'm a homestuck cosplayer and I like singing, playing guitar, playing drums, mixing music, djing, ripping peoples music off and making my own versions with or without their consent, playing videogames, playing with legos and toys, magick the gathering, pokemon cards games, playing hundreds of different mobile games and I'm a very high ranked player in almost any game I play because I have an off the charts high IQ which I don't feel like saying the number because fuck MENSA and their superiority nonsense.

I get SSDI for my disorders, so I'm on disability and I can't live alone so I live with my parents, but I'm moving out soon with my fiance when she moves from San Francisco to live with me here and I'm going to get her set up with the College and help her apply and gets the grants she needs to do whatever she wants, and if she goes to the University I dont wanna do loans and I'll be paying for it myself. I've had 3 fiances, currently on the third with two being exes who I'm still very close with, I plan on marrying the third soon and having children because I'm not male and my biological clock is ticking ticking ticking, I'm a chimeric hermaphrodite(meaning different parts of my body have different types of DNA), but I identify as male even though I have female breasts, and a vagina with no opening that is under my balls(I may let someone penetrate it or get surgery to have it opened, all depends). I have a few extra chromosomes. I am polyamorous, meaning I have multiple lovers who I like making happy, even though I'm asexual/greysexual, I can summon the power of sexuality through tantra and get very into it causing massive shared orgasms that can last for hours. (This might part or this whole thing might need to be moved to NSFW)

Please treat me with respect, I'm VERY innocent and trying to learn the difference between right and wrong. Its hard when you got exposed to meth at 2, started smoking cigs and sneaking alcohol at 4-6, got molested multple times by multple older children from 4-6, and led a hard life of abuse, being poor but being from a rich family, have been homeless, have lived with your rich relatives, with your poor relatives, have had to fight for your life against gangsters from having lived in the ghetto, been shot at, had a knife to your throat, have been a chronic stoner and a meth addict, lied my ass off and stirred up shit on this site as a teen, and with all my other disorders and everything I've told in this expose', you can imagine why I am the way I am.  I am a very complex and weird person and am nowhere near normal, not that I want to be a plebian normie anyway.
I'm sorry for those who I hurt the feelings of or made worry! Im trying to be a good person now. I mean it. For the first time in my life I'm owning up to my disorders and working to solve them and be an adult. From their study of genetics they learned those of us with neanderthal genetics are actually in a puberty state until we're 40, and Im 26, so like... I'm opnly halfway done becoming an adult. Please help me on this journey. Do not mock me, I hate those who mock the mentally ill. I'm a huge jokester though, so if you want to make fun of me go ahead, I like it, You have to realize I'm a gemini, and my twins arent good and evil, they're serious and ironic, and it can be hard to tell the difference. Just ask if you're unsure, I'll tell you. Please help me be part of this thriving community of awesome gamers, as I fell from grace and am trying to earn my place in heaven(metaphor).

Love you all, Sincerely as I can be, WessleWoggle

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If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

That was.....very friggin' confusing.

Long time no see WessleWoggle.


You should send spurgeonryan a friend request.

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Were you the one that got your cousin pregnant?

You're a pervert.

Keep telling yourself this lie we all know you enjoy fucking your cousin

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Why do my eyes feel like they are about to pop out?

I respect your decision to come clean, but I worry that you are not okay and should seek mental help.