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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your hopes for a PS5 Pro etc next gen?

What are your hopes for the mid gen upgrades for gen 9 systems? So Switch Pro, PS5 Pro and the Xbox X2 XL or whatever name scarlet ends up. I personally hope Sony release their Pro model next gen a year later then this gen. Two reasons. To get a big s jump as possible over the base PS5 and to extend the gen by a year.


We're reaching a point where graphically we are satisfied so gens should become longer. I could honestly keep playing games of the level of this gen for another 5 years. 

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That there isn't one.

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PS5 Pro will be a thing, heck I think it will be available at launch day. I would not be surprised.

it´s still way too soon for me to think about mid gen upgrades for systems that won´t be out until (probably) the end of next year.I´ll wait till the exact specs are known first before

I think Pro will be out of the gate next gen as upfront option. Mid Gen updates suck and are a pain to transfer files atm the way things are.

Game Cards is what I would like to see,  words I commented on this News article here:

It is a pipe dream but look at the benefits. Games will be 50GB-300GB in size with some of the bloody patches they release.

Now how many games can u install of that size before you need a bigger hdd? Imaging if you used carts/game cards whatever you want to call them these days. Make them read/write so you can fit the game plus patches on the card in the write component of it.
Save files should also be stored on there and backed up to cloud and/or local machine.

Now here are the benefits:
- No longer need to install games
- No longer need to have large hdds in the TBs
- No longer need to uninstall games when hdd space runs out
- No need to worry about backing up patches (if that is even possible atm, ever bothered to try, only on WiiU it worked well, I think on PS4 you had to back up the whole thing)
- Suddenly your modern console will now work as a retro console in future when all the online services are shut down and you cant get the patches again, as you already got all the patches and updates for each game on each cart


Now those those who don't give a shit and just uninstall and reinstall games or play once uninstall and sell. Then you can get your games on BluRay cheaper. Doesn't hurt to have options.



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I prefer the old standard of coming out with slim/stripped down versions of the console so that hardware prices drop. These mid gen upgrades seem to keep prices up instead. They are a step in the wrong direction.

I honestly wouldn't want to see gens becoming longer, because that leads to stagnation and some games being held back for reasons related to base and mid level hardware.

I don't believe we will see mid grades next gen. Microsoft and Sony will come out with multiple sku's (cheap/discless, normal, beefy and cloudbox) that will accommodate all price points and performance levels.

i hope they stick to one device model only at launch

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Unless 8K TV gets sufficient market penetration within the next 5 years, I don't see the PS5 or Xbox 4 getting a mid-gen spec upgrade of any kind. The entire reason the PS4 & XBO got spec upgrades was because of 4K TVs (and VR to a lesser extent).


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