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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Competition Gen 7 Edition Round 1 - Match 25

Approved by Cycycychris

Welcome everyone to a new uran10 pokemon competition, which is pretty much a rehash of an old competition only with some new pokemon! This tournament will feature all 827 pokemon (alolan forms are counted as their own) and will crown who is VGC's favourite pokemon of the first 7 generations of pokemon. In Round 1 there will be 25 matches, 23 matches will feature 33 pokemon while the first 2 matches will feature 34. Quick rule change as of this round the top 20 pokemon will advance from hence on forth and only 1 will be sent to the bonus round. This is because the bonus round is already crowded with a lot of pokemon and would lower the amount of pokemon that need to advance from the bonus round from 37 to possibly 30. This also means that any ties for that 20th spot (to lower the number as much as possible) will now advance as well.

Even though there are 33 Pokemon per round you are only voting for the 10 you think should advance like in the example below:

10p Wartortle

9p Squirtle

8p cyndaquil

7p chimchar

6p turtwig

5p poliwag

4p caterpie

3p Pikachu

2p Ledyba

1p Pichu

Match 24 Results:

1) Gengar 40 points

2) Giratina 28 points

3) Dratini 24 points

4) Raikou 23 points

5) Gliscor 21 points

6) Chikorita and Tropius 19 points

8) Marowak 18 points

9) Bagon 15 points

10) Weavile 13 points

11) Golem and Graveler 11 points

13) Skiploom and Nidorina 10 Points

15) Poliwag and Vanillite 9 points

17) Brionne and Swadloon 8 points

19) Eelektross, Altaria, Magnezone and Togepi 6 points

23) Jumpluff 2 points

24) Weedle 1 point

25) 0 Points

The final 33 Pokemon in round 1 are

#659 Bunnelby

#622 Golett

#241 Miltank

#583 Vanillish

#135 Jolteon

#215 Sneasel

#625 Bisharp

#616 Shelmet

#377 Regirock

#505 Watchog

#137 Proygon

#362 Glalie

#626 Bouffalant

#88 Grimer

#224 Octillery

#35 Clefairy

#489 Phione

#764 Comfey

#631 Heatmor

#531 Audino

#600 Klang

#397 Staravia

#31 Nidoqueen

#481 Mesprit

#284 Masquerain

#404 Luxio

#517 Munna

#412 Burmy

#520 Tranquill

#680 Doublade

#479 Rotom (too many forms to show all images)

#287 Slakoth

#111 Rhyhorn

Remember you are only voting for 10 of the above 33 pokemon you want to advance

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10p Staravia
9p Luxio
8p Jolteon
7p Tranquil
6p Nidoqueen
5p Rhyhorn
4p Sneasl
3p Bisharp
2p Doublade
1p Clefairy

Last edited by uran10 - on 07 January 2019

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10p Jolteon
9p Sneasel
8p Octillery
7p Phione
6p Bisharp
5p Comfey
4p Rotom
3p Masquerain
2p Mesprit
1p Doublade

10p Grimer
9p Vanillish
8p Rhyhorn
7p Staravia
6p Klang
5p Doublade
4p Luxio
3p Slakoth
2p Glalie
1p Golett

Really weak round.

10p Jolteon
9p Nidoqueen
8p Audino
7p Rottom
6p Luxio
5p Rhyhorn
4p Clefairy
3p Comfey
2p Porygon
1p Doublade

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10p Bisharp
9p Jolteon
8p Regirock
7p Porygon
6p Luxio
5p Soublade
4p Rotom
3p Staravia
2p Nidoqueen
1p Rhyhorn


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Bonus round out now:

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