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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Crackdown 3's campaign looks enjoyable simply for looking like more Crackdown.

I did a search on the interweb for some Crackdown 3 info, I'm kinda concerned about this game because MS has been silent about it.

I somehow missed IGN has a video showing off some campaign gameplay and quite frankly... its just like Crackdown. Which is great! That's all I need it to be for the most part.


It might not win awards for being ambitious or whatever, but it looks like another fun game in the series I can sink a bunch of hours into collecting orbs.

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Campagne = non linar = crappy story.
Gameplay looks okay but nothing amasing.

Im still expecting this to get a metascore in the 70's.

Moment-to-moment gameplay in Crackdown has always been strong, which is why I’ve been pretty bullish on Crackdown 3. The issue is going to be the world/mission design.

I don't like the visual style; not a fan of what I can see of the gameplay; didn't like the ad.
Oh, and texture tiling is pretty jarring at the distances showcased in the game, which is a shame, as that's always something that bugs me while playing a game for hours.
Hopefully it turns out well, and find itself an audience that really loves and enjoys it for what it is.
But I know that this game isn't for me, which is a shame.

It looks very last gen in style and gameplay. Spider man has perfected the flow of combat and traversal, this looks very dated and choppy. It seems to have been in development hell for too long. I wonder if MS is going to market this or will it have a quiet release. Anyway it has guns, there's that!

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Crackdown was the last XB360 exclusive I played before I bailed on the platform/brand, and I genuinely loved it. This looks really good IMO. And yep, it does look similar to the original, which stands to reason. Proof is in the pudding though, and that's pudding I'll never taste. Looking forward to seeing how it's critical and fan reception plays out.

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Still haven´t played any Crackdown games, maybe time to start now :).

Crackdown 3 gameplay shows what Recore should've been.

I dont have any expectations but I am still gonna play it. I have a 30 days game pass code that I am gonna use for the game. I aint spending a dime on that game.

JRPGfan said:
Campagne = non linar = crappy story.
Gameplay looks okay but nothing amasing.

Im still expecting this to get a metascore in the 70's.

lol imagine playing a game like Crackdown for the story.

Anyways yes, looks much more like a return to CD and less like CD2, which is a good thing.