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Forums - Sony Discussion - Death Stranding & Ghost Of Tsushima coming 2019?

sony released a video that shows games releasing in the near future (2019), with games like kingdom hearts, resident evil, and many others...and in this video shows up death stranding and ghost of tsushima too...what do think, will we hear the release dates soon?

and the last of us part 2 at the end, would be an amazing year...

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Those 2 making 2019 wouldn't surprise me too much. I fully expect TLOU 2 to be a cross-gen title in 2020 however.

Many games...

Wouldn't be surprised if both make 2019 release.

Edit: Can't wait for KH3 in a few weeks. 

They will probably release in Spring or Summer 2020 and be crossgen titles for PS5.

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Kojima recently said "Will 2019 be the year of the whale?"

There's no such thing as the year of the whale. But a whale is commonly referenced in Death Stranding.

So yeah, looks like he's planning a 2019 release for it.

Ghosts of Tsushima i can believe, almost counting on a September-release really. Death Stranding, wouldn't hold my breath

I guess I was always fully expecting both Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding to release this year. I would put Ghost in the Sep timeframe, and Death Stranding as a Nov or Dec 2019 release. The Last of Us, Part II however I am not so sure about.

The real question is if Sony would even want to press Naughty Dog into releasing TLoU 2 this year. I don't think they need to. Besides Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding, they would have Days Gone and Dreams as well for PS4 first-party exclusives. I also wouldn't be shocked by a surprise God of War expansion announcement & release this year, kinda like Horizon Zero Dawn got the Frozen Wilds expansion at the tail end of last year.

*SPOILER* If you finished God of War and saw the credits, it shows Thor showing up at Kratos' house ready for a fight, setting up a sequel. However, an important note is it says "Years later..." right before the scene. So Santa Monica Studio could easily do a small expansion set in the time between the end of God of War and before Thor shows up, essentially continuing the father/son training and adventures. *END SPOILER*

NextGen_Gamer said:


Regarding this spoiler, they've already said there's no plans for future expansions or DLC for the game.

Bristow9091 said:

NextGen_Gamer said:


Regarding this spoiler, they've already said there's no plans for future expansions or DLC for the game.

When did they say that?!? That sucks! I don't want to wait 3-4 years for the PS5 sequel to throw my ax again lol