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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Make a realistic January 2018 Direct

With the looming possibility of a Nintendo Direct in January, rumors are flying around. 


With everything from Street Fighter 5 to Rabbids 2 flying around, let's have a bit of fun. 


Create your own theoretical direct, and let us rate them in realisim and hype potential. 

Here is mine.


The direct would start with a trailer for a Mario & Luigi RPG for Switch in 2019 for Summer. 

The direct would then go into reminder trailers about known upcoming games, giving some more details for things like Mario U, Yoshi, Daemon, Travis, Crash racing, and Mortal Kombat. 

A new Wii U port, Wonderful 101, would be revealed at this time for the Spring. 

We'd get some DLC trailers then for game that are currently out, including the Pirahna Plant release date (quite possibly after direct). We'd get some interesting reveals here. 

New third party trailers would also be popping in this point, mostly smaller titles and ports. Some of these, however, would excite the fans. 

We'd get a massive information trailer on Three Houses, which would be the major pre E3 title. We'd learn about story, mechanics, characters, and get some Amiibo announced. 

The direct would end with the reveal of a new entry in a franchise of Nintendo's that makes us go 'what, they brought that back?!'. It would not be a massive seller, but it would get people talking in surprise. 


Show me your thoughts, and your own takes. 

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1. Release dates and trailers for games releasing in Q1/Q2
2. Handful of new indie announcements
3. 1-2 "big" 3rd party announcements
4. 1 "big" 1st party announcement

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Yoshi's Crafted World dated for March
Something dated for April and May
Dark Souls 2
One new game announcement
Something announced for 3DS that should be on Switch

It has to be everything, but I swear, my expectations are really LOW.

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I'm thinking it should at least have some No More Heroes news since the game is releasing in 2 weeks.

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Nintendo is strong to always go against the prediction of everybody...So I have no idea.
I am just waiting for the new F-ZERO. I don't give a fuck about everything else.
A funny but necessary idea would be a Mario Maker upgraded with Super Mario World skin + Mario 64 3D style.

For me except Zelda there is nothing interesting on the machine.

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Starts out with Skyward Sword HD for Switch, releasing in the summer.
Yoshi gets a March release date
Fire Emblem Three Houses gets a lot more info and a May release date.
The Wonderful 101 is getting a port, coming out in April.
Tokyo Mirage Sessions is getting a port, coming out in April, same day as Wonderful 101.
Dragon Quest XI gets a gameplay trailer, date dated for summer.
We get a new trailer for SMT V with a vague 2019 release date, will probably be pushed to 2020.
GTA V is coming this summer

Two more things for this direct, we get a port for Xenoblade X and it’s coming in the Fall and we get a trailer for Animal Crossing, coming late summer.

Maybe a small glimpse of Bayonetta 3 with a winter release date, cause I do believe that’s coming out this year.

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Yoshi, Daemon X Machina and Fire Emblem info and release dates.
Bayonetta 3 starts the direct with a new trailer and a 2019 release date.
Piranha Plant releases right after the direct ends.
SNES games announced for online service
One Wii U port to the Switch. Wonderful 101 is my personal guess and wish but it could be Windwaker or Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
Direct ends with the announcement of Mario Maker 2.

I still think some of my predictions are me dreaming big but please Nintendo give me Wonderful 101. That is me not asking for too much

-Luigi's Mansion Release Date plus more detailed info.
-No More Heroes TSA showing.
-A new Mario sport (please be strikers, please be strikers...).
-Animal Crossing date plus more detailed info.
-Persona 5 announcement, alongside probably more Persona spinoffs.
-More Nindies.
-A show of another Smash DLC newcomer.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Persona 5 SE - Direct start
Travis Strikes Again - DLC
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Piranha Plant, Joker and maybe next character
Metroid: Samus Returns DX - April
Skyward Sword HD - June/July
Some Third Party announcements
Super Mario Party DLC
Bayonetta 3 "2019" trailer - Direct ends

Release date and trailers:
Yoshi's Crafted World - late February or March
Fire Emblem Three Houses - May
Daemon X Machina - June