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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Share video game plot twists that had you fooled and plot twists you saw coming

So I’m currently playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 and I was completely thrown off by a plot twist that misled me because I thought it was so blatantly obvious. Which got me thinking about video game plot twists. Plots that I saw from a mile away, and plots that completely caught me off guard.

Entertain me… I’m on a work break and I decided not to take a vacation with my family this year. I’m extremely fucking bored and so much alone time with my kids is making me genuinely question my sanity.

As for Valkyria Chronicles 4, They had me fooled for a good portion of the game that Kai was a transgender. In turn, I thought Raz was bisexual to explain his attraction to Kai. Then you find out Kai was just a female. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was completely fooled by a game. But then again the story is shit so maybe that’s how I was fooled?

As for a plot I saw from a mile away (and I’m honestly kind proud of this one) is Persona 5. I forget names but I vividly remember that the Ace detective was the killer when he overhears the cat saying pancakes. I immediately remember telling myself… “wait, the cat said ‘pancakes’ and the only way he would have overheard him was if he visited Momentum… ohhh the Ace detective is the murderer”. A hundred hours of game play later and the reveal happens, and I was not phased at all. In fact I had a creepy “fuck yeah” smirk on my face.

Your turn. Or not. 

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