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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch 2018 was the best indie year for a console ever?


Switch 2018 was the best indie year for a console ever?

Yes 9 90.00%
No 1 10.00%

Not only in quantity, but in quality.

We had Celeste, Hollow knight, owlboy, ikaruga, into the breach, limbo, gris, guacameele 1 and 2, abzu, horizon chase, bastion, transistor, undertale, inside, yoku island express, the messenger, dead cells, towerfall, hyper light drifter, iconoclasts, monster boy, west of loathing, luminus, banner saga 3, overcooked 2, etc, etc, etc. 

My question is: have been other console that received more awesome indie games in a singe year than switch 2018?

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As someone who bought their Switch to be their indie system, 2018 didn't dissapointment in the slightest. Celeste, Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Night In The Woods, Banner Saga Trilogy, Into The Breach, Desert Child, Gris, INSIDE, Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP, Steamworld Dig 2, The Gardens Between where all excellent games!

2019 already looks great with YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, Pathfinder Kingmaker, Feudal Alloy, Bury Me My Love, Untitled Goose Game, Va-11 Hall-a, Afterparty, Kentucky Route Zero, Minekos Night Market, Shakedown Hawaii and that's all (that im getting) that's been confirmed so far.


Great time to be an indie gamer.

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There has been absolutely no shortage of great games to play at all on Switch this year, .... last year... 2018, but yeah every other month there is a game which easily blows away "AAA" offerings in terms of playability imo. and the fact that those games function so well without a constant connection to the internet makes the Switch a perfect home for them imo, earlier this year I got a 256gb micro sd thinking it was good for a long while to come.... now having to shuffle around games again with some really awesome titles to play.

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Well, 2019 might start like a banger again with Travis Strikes Back !

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Indeed it was. There were so many even that i don't have the time to play them all .

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It's great but I was surprised to find so many great games that I thought were only on the Switch were actually available on every console and that the Switch often had the least amazing version. Celeste, for example, is free on Xbox One this month.

It doesn't take away from the enjoyment, of course. It was just a surprise.

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