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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumor: Super Lucky’s Tale apparently coming to Switch

Playful Corp appears to be bringing its platformer Super Lucky’s Tale to Switch.

Concept artist Taylor Smith made mention of Nintendo’s console in resumes. In a couple of CVs, it’s stated that Smith worked on “environment assets for the upcoming Nintendo Switch port.” Gearbox Software outsource manager Jesse Sosa, who was at Playful Corp until the end of 2017, also says he shipped Super Lucky’s Tale on Switch as part of his LinkedIn profile – though it has obviously yet to be released (or officially announced). 

Source 1

Source 2: Nintendo Everything


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No thanks, nuh-uh. 4K or No-K.

I would give this a shot on the Switch

Wasn't it met with awful scores by reviewers ?

This game is very bland. It isn't particularly bad but just very mediocre as it doesn't bring anything new to the table. However, 1000 gamerscore can easily be earned in around 6 hours!

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Hope it doesn't. It's awful. Creators must play Mario 64 so they can learn how to make a platform game. 

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Thought this was a MS-published game

Nothing to see here, move along

The complete masterpiece!

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melbye said:
Thought this was a MS-published game

Published doesn't necessarily mean anything. That doesn't mean MS owns the IP or game and the exclusivity just depends on their deal.

If it comes to Switch only, its possible MS gave them permission to do it because they don't see Switch as a direct competitor.

However, I can't say its a good game. I'd rather see Cuphead on Switch.