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I choose...

Fallout 76 22 39.29%
The Quiet Man 8 14.29%
Metal Gear Survive 8 14.29%
Atlas 3 5.36%
Ark on Switch 11 19.64%
Other 4 7.14%

Now that the year is over, what in your opinion was the shittiest video game of 2018, and what earned it that title in your view?

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Any shitfest you could find on Steam !! But yeah, that's too easy of an answer.

I'll go with Fallout 76 then.

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Fallout 76 for so many reasons.

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Fallout 76 PR wise.


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Either Battlefield V or Fallout 76 would be my guess. Have not played either but was considering it, until the universally negative reception came out (with Fallout, it seems like there's new controversy every week)

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Worst game i've played this year is Fallout 76.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

I'm sensing a theme here.

I'd like to give nods to The Quiet Man for being pretentious, pointless stupidity, and Ark Survival Evolved on Switch for being so staggeringly badly made that it would've been better if they just hadn't even bothered porting it at all.

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Well, looks like the worst game of 2018 might be unusually clear.

Seems like Fallout 76 will take that award for many people, personally i will say a game called Demetrios which tries to be funny and clever but is just dumb and tedious

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