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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best Panic Button Switch game


I think the best is...

Doom 10 43.48%
Rocket League 4 17.39%
Wolfenstein II 4 17.39%
Warframe 5 21.74%

Panic Button have arguably been the MVP of Switch porting thus far, bringing four current gen games to the platform in the space of a year.

Which do you think is the best of these four?

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Doom , Can't say the same for Wolfenstein 2 since you know the water and stuff but, doom is nice

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I think Rocket League is so far their best port. I also assume it's the port that was the most successful on the Switch so far (outside of the free to play Warframe).

I have promising hopes for DOOM Eternal and their future ports however. Nintendo is very lucky to have them.

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Warframe for me. Outside of the it being 30fps, it's nearly dead on with the PS4 version.

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I can't decide. I have them all (haven't played W2 yet though). Doom wasn't personally my cup of tea, but I can see it is a great port. I love Warframe... and Rocketleague. Between those two.


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Gotta play Warframe and Doom before giving my verdict.

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Doom is the most to my taste, amazing game, but I think they've done exemplary work on all four.

Super keen for their conversion of Doom Eternal. Wouldn't be surprised if they're also working on Wolfenstein Youngblood.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Very hard to tell, I got every PB game so far, their port makes the game even better in portable mode. So it's mostly how I like those 4 game.

I really loved Wolfenstein II, I've spend nearly a week playing it all the time. But Rocket League is THE game to play with friends when you want to push the gaming night further than just the ride stuff on Super Mario Party. And also, Warframe is, I think, one of the best looking (if not the best looking) games of the platform, and I've spend a lot of time in it already.

Hard to tell. But since I didn't enjoy Doom as much as I tought (I spend nearly most of my time running away from deamons rather than chasing them), I'll say it's a tie between the 3 mentionned above.

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What's my favorite game to play on that list that I enjoyed them porting? Rocket League
What's the most impressive port? Doom
Which ported game probably has the best story? Wolfenstein

Oh damn, they're doing Doom Eternal too? And that game's going to be day one across all four platforms right?