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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite little details/interactions in games

Thread title says it all really, what small touches in games do you really love?

For example, one of my enduring memories of playing the original Metroid Prime for the first time was the way that a bright flash close by would illuminate a reflection of Samus's face on the inside of the visor, the way water rolled off it, or the way it misted up when passing jets of steam. It really added to the immersion.

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Well I was talking about Super Metroid earlier, and thinking of some of its subtle details - I really love that opening when you land on Zebes, how everything changes slightly when you're seen by the pirate eye. The skulls' eyes start to glow, they turn their heads around at you when you're using the elevator, and when you get back to Crateria, the facility's lights are on. Only noticed that stuff when I saw it pointed out in videos, it's so well done.

The way Yorda startles when you accidentally hit the wall with your sword.

More recently, dandelions in Astro bot! Actually a lot in Astro bot, especially the levels involving water. So many cute interactions.

Every Groose interaction in Skyward Sword.

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Something that just came to mind: When the coloring in Nier Automata turns black and white. It does this in key moments/places a few times in the game.

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Characters saying different things to you as you progress through the story in the Paper Mario games. I love seeing character development in little ways like that.

Anytime anything happens in DQXI it seems like the NPCs change what they say. I normally try to find out what every single text says in JRPGs and the like, but eventually even I had to skip some extra dialogue. If all that text was a script I am sure it would be hundreds of pages.

Calling Paramedic in Metal Gear Solid 3 when you catch something new that you can potentially eat. Their many conversations about what to eat or not really stayed with me for a long time.

SvennoJ said:
The way Yorda startles when you accidentally hit the wall with your sword.

I thought of ICO the moment I read the thread title.  So many things.  I thought the save sequence was just brilliant.

Other than that, Fallout 4 had a host of small things that added to the atmosphere, such as all the stories that Raiders would tell each other if you were to sneak up close to them or the Super Mutant conversations.  Or that sexy Mirelurk dance ...

In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, around mid-way through the game, your army marches into the main enemy's country. It's a franchise staple to be able interact with NPC villages/houses on the field maps and get helpful items, usually after a conversation about the enemy or the story.

Well, in one of the stages, you fight an enemy general who is known to be loved by the citizens of the region. Instead of responding to you kindly and giving you your item/information, the citizens actually rebuke you as invaders in their country. Even more extreme, there is one lone house on the map before you fight the enemy general, guarded by a single enemy soldier. The soldier won't attack you unless provoked, however, you can't access the house and get the item unless you kill the soldier first. 

In the house, an old man talks to you. He rebukes you even more strongly than the previous villagers, calling you good-for-nothing invaders. At the end of the conversation, he curses you...saying his son died in that last battle. I remember just feeling floored by it...I killed someone's son out of gaming habit, with no thought of how it would affect his family in the game. It really made me think "Am I the good guy here?"

It was a little thing in the long run, but it's something that really stuck with me, and why Path of Radiance is my favorite game. The way it blurred the lines between good and evil was just phenomenal...I honestly can't think of many games I've played that come close.

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