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Tekken 7 Director Says Game Could Come To Nintendo Switch If The Demand Is There


Tekken series producer and director Katsuhiro Harada has yet to commit to the Nintendo Switch, but he says if the demand is there for Tekken 7 then it would be considered. It would be a tricky process, but if fans want the game on the platform they need to make their voices heard.

On the potential of a Switch release of Tekken 7, that is dependent on the demand from fans so let them know if you’re interested in seeing that happen. 




Are you guys excited as I am do you want this game on Switch?

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you can say this about any game tbqh. honestly means nothing

Nope, not going to beg for it.

Nothing to see here, move along

Begging for port begging pretty much ? We're past that point.

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Dear Mr. Harada:

Pursuant to your recent request, I am asking you to please release your game on the Nintendo Switch. Or don't. Your call.



P.S. Merry Christmas

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At this point, with the Switch clearly a huge success. They're pretty much leaving money on the table by not doing a port. With the big influx of 3rd party games that are about to begin hitting the Switch from 2019 onwards to support Nintendo's own 1st party offerings. Most fans are past the point of port begging.
With that said, I'm not one of those fans, now where's Persona 5 for Switch, Atlus & SEGA?

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The best time to release it on the Switch would have been the 1st half of this year when nothing big was coming out and Smash Ultimate was just an announcement trailer. Now that Smash has been released and 2019 is looking to be packed, a 2+ year old port to a decent fighting game doesn't seem all that exciting. If Bamco follows through on a Switch port, it'll probably sell poorly.

It's every third party against us.

PAOerfulone said:
At this point, with the Switch clearly a huge success. They're pretty much leaving money on the table by not doing a port.

Eh, they'd probably need to downgrade Tekken 7 quite a lot for it to run well, keep in mind it's a fighting game so 60fps is a must. Not that cheap to make it.