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Im not sure but its either naruto storm r or jump stars or GT6

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Machina said:
BioShock Infinite. And it was rubbish.

What the... You can't be serious 

Shocking as it seems to realize it, the last retail game I bought for the 360 (I picked up a few XBLA ones afterwards) appears to have been Mass Effect 3. After that, most of my new purchases were on the Wii U for that console's lifespan, followed by PS4 Pro and Switch.

Well, I have Metal Gear Solid 5, but I haven't even taken it out of the wrapper. Last game I bought and played was Dark Souls 2, which beats Lightning Returns by about a month.

GTA 5 when it first came out.

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Little Big Planet 3

Not counting cheap digital copies it was, since I would have no idea.

GTAV for my 360 back in 2013

Yakuza 5 for my PS3 back in 2015

FF X for the PS3 back in 2014.

As far as release date goes its Assassins Creed Rouge on the 360 and Persona 5 on the PS3. Persona 5 was also the last game I bought on the PS3. Still get 360 games on a regular basis through games with gold and buy some once in a while digitally if they are heavily discounted.