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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why NON Nintendo games prices go down so fast

Teno said:
Actually, I prefer Nintendos way a lot. Because I buy games on launch then. I think it sucks to buy a game for $60 and three months later the price drops to $20. What is the reason to buy the game on launch then? It's always easy to wait with a gigantic backlog like mine. I've stopped buying games on other platforms almost entirely and beside Blizzard games on Pc, I get everything else for free or less than 5 dollars after 1 or 2 years. And let's be honest here. Most drop their prices drastically because they wanna sell more microtransactions and dlc. They charge full price for their f2p concepts from the beginning. (Looking closely at Battlefront 2, Fifa 19, Rainbow Six Siege or For Honor)

I don't really understand the point you're trying to make here. So rather than the choice of getting it early or cheaper later, you actively prefer to always have to pay more? I can understand agreeing with Nintendo's position on a business level, but as a consumer you're advocating for companies to squash your financial freedom. I agree that many companies abuse launch prices, but the answer to that is advocating for a lower launch price, not for them to try and take advantage of consumers for longer.

As a side note, it's mostly just games that have done quite poorly that drop from $60 to $20 in three months. Most successful titles will only have dropped to maybe $50, or $40 if you seek out a limited time sale (such as over a holiday). Paying $10 - $20 more to get a game 3 - 6 months earlier is a reasonable value superstition to many people.