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Forums - Sales Discussion - Huge Compilation of PS4 Player Numbers Based on Data from My PS4 Life (new info on many indies and smaller games) (READ THE OP!)


For recent games, this will not be as accurate since this does not include players who have not played the game or players who have not synced their trophies. Additionally (and this is a HUGE factor), newly released games have rapidly changing trophy earn percentages. If there is a trophy for beating the game that a screenshot was taken with number of achievers when it was at .5% rarity, you can't use this number a week later when it is at 1.5% rarity or your number will be wildly off (you will get 1/3rd the amount of sales originally). However, games that are many weeks or months old, have rather stagnant trophy earn percentages that remain constant and can be used to compare sales effectively. Please don't shitpost about how the sales for BFV or RDR2 or whatever else seem low when they are a month or two old, you will just look like a tool. 


Here's some numbers I crunched on games I was interested in. These are compiled by using the total number of achievers of a trophy through My PS4 Life and then using the total trophy percentages to calculate global totals. Unless noted, these are global sales. Unless noted, these are PS4 only sales (although there seems to be some kind of error for GTAV, it might be including PS3 trophy earners or something, the number seems quite a bit off). If there were multiple regions, I extrapolated by using PSNP numbers per region as estimations of percentage by region to get global.

Note that some of these were "free" on PS+.

Note that newer and indie titles are a bit underrepresented because they were purchased but not played or were not synced.

Note that this is players which occurs when you play a game for the first time, so it does not include people who do not play their games once purchased or have never synced their trophies since playing them. However, it can also include used copies being repurchased, rentals, and alts/multiple accounts.


A Hat in Time - 51.9k

Amplitude - 83.5k

Armello - 59.88k

Assault Android Cactus - 26.43k

Astro Bot - 101.5k

Axiom Verge - 38.58k (EU ONLY), 140.83k extrapolated

Banner Saga - 100.6k

Banner Saga 3 - 5.0k

Battlefield V - 232.97k

Bleed 2 - 2.9k

Celeste - 35.88k

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - 350.96k

Cities Skyline - 315.7k (NO JP), 344.0k extrapolated

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin - 1.48m

Darkest Dungeon - 267.0k (NO JP), extrapolated is like 1-2k more

Dead Cells - 45.5k (EU ONLY), 94.35k extrapolated

DivOS EE - 715k-862k

Divinity 2 - 70.2k (EU ONLY), 119.79k extrapolated

Dragon Quest Heroes II - 146k (NO JP), 438k extrapolated*

Far Cry Primal - 6.83m

Furi - 1.24m

GTAV - 50.73m-72.7m (!!!!)

Gravity Rush 2 - 800.9k (!!!!)

Grip - 3.73k (BIG BOMBA)

Hitman 2 - 264.9k

Hollow Knight - 42k (EU ONLY), 90k extrapolated

Hotline Miami 2 - 300.9k

Hyper Light Drifter - 42.9k (EU ONLY), 91.4k extrapolated

Inside - 408.8k

Jamestown+ - 50.27k

Killzone Shadowfall - >4.55m

Kingdom Come Deliverance - 591.3k

Knack 2 - 689.25k

Matterfall - 24.7k (BIG BOMBA)

Mother Russia Bleeds - 59.1k

Mount & Blade Warband - 232.3k

N++ - 15.93k (EU only), 47.0k extrapolated

Natural Doctrine - 90.0k (NO JP), 169.7k exrapolated*

Nex Machina - 90.6k

Nioh - 2.37m

Nuclear Throne - 58.5k

Odin Sphere - 224.8k (NO JP), 372.74k extrapolated (see Persona 5 note)

OlliOlli - 199.4k

Outlast - 3.286m

Outlast 2 - 595.3k

Persona 5 - 1.69m (NO JP, HK, KR), 2.053m extrapolated*

Prison Architect - 173.8k

Pyre - 67.9k

RDR2 - 7.17m

Rabi Ribi - 7.96k*

Redout - 11.97k (EU ONLY), 21.5k extrapolated (BOMBA)

Resogun - 2.43m

Ruiner - 42.9k

SUPERHOT - 136.5k

Salt and Sanctuary - 128.83k (EU ONLY), 350.0k extrapolated ( NO VITA)

Sine Mora Ex - 40.2k

Sonic Mania - 524k

Spiderman - 6.92m

Stardew Valley - 588.0k

TBoIR - 747250 (EU ONLY), 1.641m extrapolated

Tearaway - 1.45m

Terraria - 3.3m (NO JP), 3.92m extrapolated (this number does include Vita + PS3 because it's crossplay, no other title on this list does)

Tetris Effect - 53.1k

The Evil Within - 3.248m*

The Evil Within 2 - 1.094m (NO JP), 1.156 extrapolated*

The Inpatient - 116.9k

This is the Police - 76.48k

This is the Police 2 - 2.03k

Thumper - 202.94k

TMNT Mutants in Manhattan - 486.75k

Torment Tides of Numenera - 87.5k

Toukiden 2 - 55.75k*

Transformers Devastation - 1.79-2.1m

Trials Fusion - 3.59m*

Unravel - 888.9k

Unravel 2 - 193k

Warhammer Vermintide - 213.5k

We Happy Few - 105.8k

Wipeout Omega Collection - 482.4k

Witcher 3 - 3.31m

Wolfenstein 2 - 1.19m

XCOM2 - 2.63m


*I believe this to be slightly low because Asia is likely underrepresented since PSNP is probably much less popular there


Many sales disasters (in my opinion) such as Redout, Banner Saga 3, Grip, Bleed 2, Matterfall, Nex Machina, This is the Police 2, and some others but I guess it is just dependent upon cost+marketing and the sale price of the games.


If you have any questions, let me know, and I am open to add numbers as I and others compile them.

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